3 Ways to Turn Any Precious Gem into a Necklace


For ages, both men and women have enjoyed wearing gorgeous gemstone jewellery. Jewellery created from rock, mineral, or petrified substance that has been cut and polished to give it a stunning look is known as gemstone jewellery. The beauty of a gemstone distinguishes it from other rocks and makes it appealing to jewellery collectors. The stones are generally dug up from the ground, then cut and polished before being sold. Gemstones were once divided into two categories: precious and semi-precious.

Diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, and amethyst were the only five precious stones, and they were the most expensive. A stunning piece of gemstone jewellery may be the main focus of an entire dress, adding colour and glitter to an otherwise gloomy look. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and other forms of jewellery feature gemstones. Here, we give you an insight into how you can turn any precious stone into a necklace. 

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3 ways to turn any precious stone into a necklace

If you have any stone with you and wonder what you can do with it, you are at the right place. We tell you how to turn your precious gem into stunning necklaces, which you can make easily at home and be the talk of the town.

  1. Wire wrapped quartz necklace- Wrapping a stone in a thin gold wire is one of the simplest methods to transform it into a pendant. Apply a dab of glue to the wire's end to keep it in place while you wrap it—Tuck the wire's end near the adhesive into the cluster. Allow 30 minutes for drying. Attach a different piece of wire to the sides of the cluster with a separate piece of wire. To make a loop, twist the wire together. String your chain through a jump ring that has been attached to the wire hoop. A short length of the wire has been used to construct another wire wrap to attach the clasp and jump ring to the chain. Bend the jewellery bails into a hook form with pliers. Using adhesive, adhere to the stone. Allow at least 30 minutes for drying. Jump rings and a yo-yo should be attached.
  2. Hooked amethyst necklace- The wire-wrapping technique mentioned above has been utilised to connect the clasp to this tiny chain. The stone is appealing because of its icy mint hue.
  3. Aventurine Necklace in Leather -

The simplest technique was reserved for last. Cut a piece of leather to the correct size and attach it to your stone using the adhesive. Allow at least 30 minutes for drying. Cord ends were required for this chain. Using pliers, attach the chain to the leather loop and slip it through. It is supposed to promote creativity and imagination, as well as intelligence and mental clarity. It promotes affluence, companionship, and professional achievement.


You'll never have to be concerned about a stone lacking a hole for beading again. Here are three simple ways to get that stunning piece on a chain. What kind of raw stone do you want to wear as a necklace? Look for the precious stone lying somewhere in the corner of the house and can now be made into a whole new stunning and statement piece of jewellery.