A Buyer's Guide to Citrine Rings: Natural AAAA vs AAA vs AA

aaa citrine concave cut


Citrine is considered a semi-precious gem. Citrine is a yellow quartz type with a beautiful sheen and outstanding clarity. Citrine is the most popular yellow coloured gemstone owing to its hue, quality, and affordability. This article will teach you all you need to know about buying natural citrine and determining the difference between different kinds.

This gemstone, durable and inexpensive, is quickly becoming popular for one-of-a-kind rings that can withstand the test of time and everyday usage. Use the information on citrine here to learn more about this fascinating and inspiring gemstone if you're looking for a ring created with it.

Citrine properties

Citrine rings have been popular for a long time, and because of their low price and a vast range of shapes, carats, and hues, finding a stunning ring with this beautiful gemstone is a breeze.

  • Excellent Durability
  • 7.0 hardness
  • 1.533 – 1.544 Refractive Index
  • 2.66 Specific Gravity

Citrine is linked to financial prosperity and wealth. The golden yellow colour is also said to be uplifting to the spirit and can lift melancholy or sad moods.

Evaluating citrine rings

Color, cut, clarity, and carat are the four primary elements to consider while looking for your ideal piece of citrine, as they are with other gemstones. Each is important and can increase or decrease the value of your stone.

  • Citrine's hue sets it apart from other gemstones and makes it easy to recognise. As a consequence, while purchasing a citrine, colour is the essential consideration. Deep brownish-orange colour with semi-transparency, comparable to amber, is the perfect colour of a citrine. It also has a similar appearance to the more expensive yellow diamond and yellow topaz. Because genuine citrine is so rare, much of the citrine sold today has been heat-treated to acquire the correct hue. Citrine that has been heated has a crimson tinge to it.
  • Citrine's composition makes it a simple gemstone to cut and shape. All common gemstone cuts, such as round, princess, emerald, and pear, are available. Citrine is frequently faceted to enhance its light performance and give it more depth. It can be cut as a cabochon to highlight its smooth surface. However, this is more common in jewellery. Citrine can be carved into a wide range of forms and patterns. Citrine, like jade, is a highly versatile gemstone because of this. As a result, citrine may be used to create distinctive and attractive designs.
  • The amount of visible inclusions inside the stone is referred to as clarity. Citrine can occasionally include inclusions, although this is uncommon. Citrine has outstanding clarity, with the majority of gemstones being devoid of noticeable inclusions. Any flaws in citrine will reduce the value of the stone. Most sellers should disclose the clarity grade of the citrine. If you're trying to acquire a citrine, look at it from every aspect for obvious inclusions. Check it under a few different light sources if feasible. Although eye-clean stones are usually preferred, you may occasionally save money by hunting for a stone with concealed flaws.
  • Citrine has a hardness of 7, making it a rather soft gemstone. If it is bumped or rubbed against other things, it is readily scratched. On the other hand, Citrine has a high hardness, which means it won't chip or shatter easily. As a result, Citrine may endure a very long period if properly cared for. Citrine is a great gemstone for pendants and earrings, but it isn't the best choice for rings or bracelets for everyday use because they are exposed to a lot of light.

Citrine rings settings and styles.

Perhaps even more essential than the main stone is choosing the correct setting and design for your engagement ring. Fortunately, citrine is hardy enough to be used in any environment, whether old or contemporary. Many couples choose a traditional prong-set solitaire, while others choose a halo around the central stone.

Still, if you're worried about harming your jewel, choose a protective setting, such as a bezel. The stone's outside edge is surrounded by metal, making it less vulnerable to snags, knocks, and scratches.

The grading system for citrine rings

In all of our jewellery, we only utilise the finest Natural AAAA Citrine:

  • Natural AAAA 

These are the top 10% of natural citrines on the market. They're orange-amber in hue, eye-clean, and brilliantly cut.

  • Natural AAA 

These are the top 20% to 30% of natural citrines on the market. They are moderate to somewhat incorporated and have a golden-yellow hue with a reddish tinge.

  • Natural AA 

These are the top 50% to 75% of natural citrines on the market. These have a pale yellow hue, are smokey, and have a heavy to moderate inclusion.

aaa citrine concave cut price cut-pricerings

Citrine may be purchased for anywhere between $10 and $30 per carat. Due to the colour, clarity, and cut of the stone, the overall cost of citrine rings, wedding bands, and engagement rings can vary greatly. The carat weight of a gemstone has little bearing on its price. Custom cut citrine gemstones or aaa citrine concave cut that optimise the brilliance and colour of the stones and stones free of flaws and imperfections command higher rates.

Care for citrine rings

The easiest method to keep your ring looking beautiful is to clean it regularly. In ultrasonic or steam cleaners, citrine rings will last a long time. Simple soapy water and a brush, on the other hand, will suffice. When cleaning citrines with coatings or dyes, keep aware that the colour may fade. Use mild detergent and water to clean these jewels and a brush only when required.

You may notice that your stone has developed scratches and has lost its transparency over time. The scratches should be able to be polished away by a competent lapidary. The stone will only lose a little amount of weight if the scratches aren't too deep. Consider replacing the stone if it has severe scratches or chips. To choose the perfect stone for your setting, talk to your jeweller.

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