How to buy good quality blue sapphire Gem?

blue sapphire Gem


The Blue sapphire gem is one of the most sought after gemstones. The elegance, durability and rarity make it one of the most adorned gems for jewellery hoarders. Many ladies are choosing expensive sapphires as the centre stone for their engagement rings. While sapphires come in a variety of colours, blue sapphires are by far the most popular. A blue sapphire adds a distinct appearance to your engagement ring while also adding elegance and charm.

It is the ideal choice for a blue sapphire engagement ring or jewellery, including blue sapphires. It might be challenging to choose the right blue sapphire gem because there is so much to consider. To assist you in purchasing blue sapphires, we've compiled a collection of unbiased and comprehensive information. This guide will help you buy good quality blue sapphire gemstone online.

How to buy blue sapphire gemstone online

Once you've decided to purchase a blue sapphire, you'll need to determine the type of blue sapphire you desire. Each stone is distinct and one-of-a-kind. 

1.When assessing a blue sapphire, there are four key factors to consider, known as "The 4 Cs."

  • The colour refers to the sapphire's hue. The saturation of a colour, or how pure or vivid it appears, is the essential element in determining its value. The higher the saturation level, the better for most sapphires.
  • In most sapphires, there will be a few inclusions. Sapphires with no inclusions should be avoided since they are almost certainly fake. You're looking for a sapphire with no apparent inclusions. To assess clarity, professionals consider the size, placement, and quantity of inclusions. The better the grade, the less noticeable the inclusions are.
  • A sapphire's cut is primarily what makes it shine. The cut of a stone describes how it was faceted and polished after it was found in its natural condition. A cut grade is assigned to sapphires based on symmetry, windowing, extinction, and brightness.
  • A sapphire's weight is measured in carats. Larger gem-quality stones are more difficult to come by than smaller ones. Thus they are more valuable. The impact of weight on pricing varies depending on the hue. Yellow sapphires, for example, are commonly found above 5 carats, but blue sapphires are more difficult to come across.
  1. Choosing the right shade- When purchasing a blue sapphire, the first question you should ask is, "What shade of blue should I get?" When determining the value of sapphire, the colour is the most significant factor. A bright, vibrant velvety blue to violet-blue in medium to medium-dark tones are the most sought after and cherished hue. Sapphires occur in a wide range of colours, from faint baby blue to royal blue. It all boils down to personal preference; how bright or dark you want your blue sapphire to be is entirely up to you.
  1. Elegant and distinctive- "Do blue sapphires make good engagement rings?" you're undoubtedly wondering. And the response is a resounding YES! While most individuals choose diamonds, blue sapphires are prevalent. In reality, they are popular among celebrities like Mary Kate Olsen, Penelope Cruz, and Elizabeth Hurley and are traditionally worn in the households of British Royalty. Admittedly, blue sapphires aren't as common as they once were, but that's part of their appeal. They provide you with the opportunity to have something personal and distinctive, which we believe is crucial for a ring you'll wear sapphire for the rest of your life.
  1. Origin of the blue sapphire gem- So, where did blue sapphires originate? Blue sapphires are only mined in a few areas throughout the world. Burma, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar are three of the most popular destinations. Blue sapphires are not produced in the same number or quality in every place. Kashmiri stones, for example, are exceedingly uncommon due to the closure of mines there, yet their sapphire hues are regarded to be among the best. Australian mines, on the other hand, produce a lot of sapphires with a deeper blue colour.
  1. Price factor- When it comes to blue sapphires – or any sapphire for that matter – there is a broad price range. This is dependent on the specific stone's quality. To assess its worth, each sapphire is evaluated separately. Natural and untreated stones are more difficult to come by, and as a result, they are more expensive. Because no two stones are similar, the price might vary considerably. It's worth noting that sapphires from well-known sources, like the ancient Kashmir mines, might fetch greater rates than stones from other places, even if they're of comparable quality. Buyers should be warned, however, that origin does not equal value. The sapphire itself must be of excellent quality for a stone to earn value because of its legendary origins. A sapphire with a well-known provenance can increase in value, but not a low-grade stone.
  1. Form and cut of the blue sapphire gem- You have many options when it comes to the form and cut of your blue sapphire. However, when selecting a form, you want to select one that is appropriate for you. For example, you can get a round-shaped stone or even a heart-shaped stone. Our cuts at IrisGems are created to your specifications while also bringing out the greatest qualities in our stones.
  1. Original view of the stone- When you buy blue sapphire gemstone online, you'll want to double-check that you've thoroughly studied it. These are significant decisions, and we want you to be delighted with your stone. This is why, instead of using a stock photo, we take professional images of each stone we offer. This guarantees that you're getting a true depiction of a stone.
  1. Certified gemstone- It's critical to learn everything you can about sapphires before purchasing one. A lab report or a gem identification report might help in this situation. A gemologist on our team checks our stones and confirms the report's validity, and the report will offer you all detail you need to know about your sapphire so you can assure its quality. When you purchase a stone from a certified gem trader like IrisGems, you will receive a copy of this gem report through email, an accurate and it will be sent with your stone. The more information you have about your purchase, the more likely you will be satisfied with it.
  1. Clear all your doubts- The last piece of advice we have for buying a blue sapphire is just to ask questions. If you are unsure about something, consult an expert. Our staff of GIA-certified gemologists is always available to answer any questions you may have regarding a particular stone or blue sapphires in general.

How to buy blue sapphire gemstone online with IrisGems?

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What Makes Buy High-Quality Sapphire (s) Most Expensive?

Blue Sapphires are the most valued and rarest gemstone on the earth. They are highly desirable gemstones and people love to buy high-quality sapphire (s) due to their durability, colour, lustre, and hardness. 

Their colour availability and wide range of sizes make them the most loved gemstone. The price range of sapphires starts from a few dollars, and it goes up to million dollars. Among the choices of colour saturated blue sapphires, intensive pinks sapphires, purple sapphires, and padparadscha colour sapphires, are the most expensive sapphires. 

Colour and sizes or weight are the three most important factors which decide the prices of these sapphires. Among all, Blue sapphires are the highest priced sapphires as these come in large sizes. 

NOTE- Purchasing Sapphires from a jewellery store will cost you five times the same piece compared to wholesale dealers. This is due to many reasons- to get some margin jewellery stores to mark their prices quite high to earn certain margins, and this cost tends to be almost double that of wholesale prices. 

Iris Gems is a wholesale dealer and only sell certified gemstones. We have been into gem dealing since 1985. Our stones are rare and 100% natural with authenticity proof.

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How you can test Iris Gems Sapphire on your own?

In order to determine if a sapphire is real you need to do a couple of tests. Such as breath test to judge authenticity. Here are the four (4) through which you can easily identify a real and fake sapphire.

Signs of a real sapphire

If you find small specks and blemishes then its a true indictaion that - that sapphire is real. Lab created sapphires don not have such specks and some natural sapphires don't have flaws either, but if you find flaws then it is 100% a real sapphire.

Breath test

Next take a sapphire and breathe on it a fog. Now carefully count how much fog has took in fading. Natural sapphire clear the fog in just 2-3 seconds whereas if it is created sapphire then it will closer to 5 seconds to clear the fog.

GIA Certification Test

Under this test Gemologists examines a sapphire with refractometers and magnification Polaris scopes to determine quality of a gem. They share the detailed report on what they decide about the sapphire once they have analyzed it.

Gemologists will share details such as - whether this sapphire is natural or synthetic, treated or not, as well as many other attributes, after examing all these tests you may  buy high-quality sapphire with 100% assurance.

How To Pick The Most beneficial Shade Of Blue

The initial thing you’ll want to examine when purchasing a blue sapphire is, “what shade of blue should I get?” Color is the most crucial element when evaluating the value of a sapphire. The most sought after and prized colour is a vivid velvety blue to violet-blue in medium to medium-dark tones. From soft baby blue to imperial blue, sapphires come in a large variety of colours. It comes down to your tastes; it is up to you how light or dark you like your blue sapphire to be.
Blue Sapphires As Engagement Rings

You’re probably asking yourself, “do blue sapphires make good engagement rings?” and the answer is YES! While most maximum people go with a diamond, blue sapphires are not unusual. They are traditionally used in the families of British Royalty. Still, they are also quite common among stars, such as Mary Kate Olsen, Penelope Cruz and Elizabeth Hurley. Until the 1940s, coloured stones were more popular than diamonds when it came to matching rings. Blue sapphires may no higher be the norm, but that’s what’s so excellent about them. They acknowledge you to have something personal and unique; we think that’s very important for a ring you’ll use for the rest of your life.


These pointers can help you choose the right blue sapphire gem and assist you in understanding how to select the best quality blue sapphire stones.


How to determine whether a sapphire is heated or not heated?

You can't determine on your own heated sapphire or non heated sapphire , It is impossible to determine unless it is tested by a reputed Gemological Laboratory. Secondly to avoid any fraud don't trust any hit or trial methods suggested by local store vendors to determine the genuine of a gemstone.

Where do good quality blue sapphire gems found?
Good quality blue sapphire is generally found in Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Russia, Kenya, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, United States and Vietnam.

How to identify a good quality sapphire?
To identify whether a blue sapphire is real or not, by following the below listed simple steps you can detect its genuinity up to a certain extent.

*Check the density
*Check the colour
*Inspect double layers
*Check its transparency
*Inclusion or Spotless

What does a high-quality sapphire look like?

A good quality sapphire is an intense deep royal blue. This color of sapphire is considered AAA quality that is the most valuable and rarest color.

Original sapphires are graded by a couple of factors such as color, cut, shape and clarity, sapphire origin is also taken into consideration when its quality.

Sapphires are graded according to different ranks - these includes AAA, AA, A and B.

Hope this answer clarified all your doubts regaring sapphire grades and authentity now you can take a decicion on your own from where to buy high-quality sapphire and how to idenity its real or fake.

What are the different colours of blue sapphire?
*Sweden princess blue
*Prince of wales blue
*Navy blue
*Camelot Blue
*Royal blue
*Greyish colour

What is a ssef certified gemstones online mean?

SSEF certification means that your gemstones has been tested by Swiss Foundation which is a non profit organization. Its aim is to further the gemstone testing. 

Sellers who give you guarantee that your stone is certified then after checking all the terms and conditions you can buy ssef certified gemstones online. 

Which colour to look at when buy high-quality sapphire?

There is no relation of colour when it comes to label a quality sapphire. However, not all sapphires come in blue colour. Though this colour is immensely loved for its blue hues 

Undoubtedly, sapphires are simply breathtaking and deserve lots of appreciation for their beauty and more. Are you looking to buy high-quality sapphire, then have a look at our latest collections of sapphires

Which colour sapphire is most valuable?

Blue coloured sapphires are the most valuable sapphires, and these sapphires range from velvety blue to violetish blue.

Sapphires with these hues used to be the highest prices per carat sapphires.

Gemstones colour used to be the most significant influence when it comes to buying prefered sapphires.

Why is certified blue sapphire rarer than diamonds?

Sapphires are much rarer than diamonds. For example, sapphires such as orange and padparadscha are the rarest sapphires on earth.

However, gemstones such as emeralds and rubies are rarer than sapphires.

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