How to Evaluate and Choose White Topaz? 

White Topaz is a gemstone with its bright gleam and brilliance, making it a favourite option for White Topaz jewellery worldwide. White Topaz is the gemstone that most closely resembles Diamond in appearance and is often worn and used as a substitute for Diamond. However, White Topaz's worth or cost is significantly lower than Diamond's. So it's no surprise that White Topaz engagement rings are popular worldwide because they look like diamonds and are inexpensive. 


In addition, this lovely stone, also known as Silver Topaz or Clear Topaz, has healing and metaphysical powers that are beneficial. This mystic gemstone brings clarity to one's ideas and aspirations when worn. The properties of natural white topaz include bringing the truth about oneself awareness and assisting in the manifestation of desires.


The White Topaz stone is an Aluminium Silicate with fluoride, and hydroxide ions added. The ideal Topaz Gems are colourless, yet they come in various colours. Of all the known White gemstones, White Topaz is the most popular and most cheap. It is commonly found in its natural state among granite and pegmatite deposits. It is a good eight on the Mohs scale in terms of hardness, yet it is not tough, despite appearances. As a result, cautiously handle this gemstone, as it may chip or shatter.

Sources of White Topaz

The primary source of Raw White Topaz stone is Brazil, where the high-grade material is mined in Minas Gerais. Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Madagascar, Namibia, Myanmar, the United States, Sri Lanka, and Russian mines are among the countries that produce Safed Topaz. The Ural Mountains in Russia and Brazil were the first to mine this stone. Only the Russian Czars wore this gem at that time. Natural White Topaz stones were particularly popular in Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Nigeria.


Evaluating Topaz

 On the Basis of Colour: When you buy white topaz online, colour is perhaps an essential feature, as it influences the stone's worth to a large extent. In general, the more vivid a topaz gemstone's tone is, the more valuable it is. On the other hand, pink and blue topaz are hard to come by, and if the hue is natural, such stones can be rather costly. 

 On the other hand, Topaz dyed blue or pink is usually treated with heat or irradiation to create that colour. Yellow topaz is a more common colour in natural topaz stones, and it is less expensive. Remember to look at the stone in various lighting conditions when evaluating the hue of topaz. Topaz's shade may appear more or less rich depending on whether it is exposed to artificial or natural light.


On the Basis of Clarity: When you buy white topaz online, make sure that Topaz gemstones with fewer internal cracks are generally more precious. Also, look at a gemstone with your naked eye in a well-lit area to determine its clarity; the cleaner the gem appears, the better its clarity.


However, keep in mind that because different impurities generate varied topaz hues, some topaz colours are naturally less clear than others.


Because of the imperfections that cause the stone to be tinted, some variants of pink topaz, for example, appear less clean.


On the Basis of Cut: Topaz is generally cut to optimise its colour because the hue is one of the significant features on which it is rated. As a result, evaluating the cut of this stone helps to determine how well it brings out the gem's hue.


When comparing topaz stones, this is also what you should be looking for.


When you buy topaz online and intend to put a topaz in a setting, don't forget to examine how shallow the cut is. When stones are cut too deeply, for example, less of the stone is visible when it is set. So, if you're choosing between two stones of equal weight and colour, go with the one whose cut will allow you to see more of the gem's surface after it's mounted.


On the Basis of Durability: White topaz is a relatively hard stone, with a Mohs hardness rating of 8. On the other hand, the stone is much softer than the diamond (which is 10 on the same scale).


When you buy white topaz online and wear it, you should expect it to scratch over time due to its physical properties. Despite its high Mohs scale rating, this stone is easily broken, so it should be protected from sharp strikes.


Enhancements on Topaz: 


  • A thin film of gold is coated over the surface of a colourless topaz to give a blue colour called Aqua Aura. 


  • Topaz colour enhancements are usually permanent, but when you buy white topaz online, make sure you avoid exposing a treated gemstone to extreme heat. This is because the colour of enhanced gemstones might be affected by heat in some cases. Furthermore, if artificially coloured yellow and pink topaz is exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period, it may lose some colour.

Where to Buy White Topaz Online?

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