Rose Quartz Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

semi precious color gemstone


Rose quartz is most frequently linked with many types of love - romantic, platonic, and maternal sentiments are all popular associations. While it is considered a minor semi-precious colour gemstone, it is popular not just among those who appreciate rose quartz's calming effects but also because of its delicate pink colour.

The hue is so appealing that Pantone chose it as their Color of the Year in 2016. Because big chunks of rose quartz are plentiful, it is frequently used to make figures, decorations, and, of course, jewellery. Rose quartz is known as the Heart Stone or the Love Stone because of its wonderful qualities.

The price guide of semi-precious colour gemstone- Rose quartz

Despite its high demand, the Rose Quartz is quite affordable due to its ease of accessibility. Translucent rose quartz stones with pure to purplish-pink tones usually fetch a greater price than those with lighter tones. The cost of this gem will also differ based on where you purchase it.

Because there are no intermediaries, internet shops usually provide greater value for your money. As a result, the beginning price per carat for this gemstone is about $100. However, depending on the overall grade of the gemstone, the price may potentially reach $1000.

Value of rose quartz

For gem and jewellery collectors, this gemstone's delicate translucence and pink colours are pretty appealing. However, its pink tint becomes much more attractive when fashioned of white gold or rose gold. This semi-precious stone can be used as a bracelet, pendant, or ring, among other things. When purchasing rose quartz jewellery, keep the following aspects in mind:

  1. The beautiful pink colour of rose quartz is one of its most appealing qualities. This gemstone is available in a variety of pink shades, ranging from extremely light to medium-dark. The colour of this stone is typically uniform. The value of a gemstone is generally determined by how attractive its colour is.
  2. This gemstone has a hazy appearance most of the time. The clarity of this gemstone is poor since it is rarely clear. The finer the stone's quality, the fewer the inclusions and the clearer it is.
  3. Because of its hazy appearance, this gemstone is frequently sold as tumbling stones. When cut as a cabochon, certainly rose quartz pieces exhibit asterism (a star-like effect). A rock quartz item with asterism will cost you more than normal rock quartz pieces. Pendants, earrings, rings, and other trinkets are frequently made from the gemstone rock, cut as a cabochon. They can also be made into beads. Because the colour rose is typically linked with passionate love, rose quartz cut in the shape of a heart can be seen in jewellery.
  4. In rose quartz, size rather than weight is a more significant indicator of the stone's worth. This is because density varies from stone to stone. When purchasing polished rose quartz jewellery, examine the colour, clarity, and style to decide if the item is worth the money. If you want to buy rose quartz for decoration, the price will vary depending on the size. The bigger chunks of this gemstone have a richer colour and are more expensive than the smaller ones.

Care for the semi-precious gemstones

You must take care of your rose quartz jewellery regularly if you want it to remain beautiful.

  1.  Even though rose quartz is a durable stone, harder stones like diamonds and topaz may damage it. So it’s preferable to keep your rose quartz jewellery in a separate fabric-lined box to keep it safe from harm.
  2. You may clean your rose quartz with warm, soapy water. However, using ultrasonic and steam cleaners to clean this gemstone is not a good idea.
  3. If you have rose quartz necklaces, bangles, earrings, rings made of gold or sterling silver, you may clean them without harming the stone by dipping them in a cleaning solution. Then, wipe your jewellery clean with a gentle towel.

Uses of rose quartz

One of the most often seen lapidary materials is rose quartz. Tumbled stones, beads, and cabochons are popular, and it is abundant and typically affordable. However, the material's poor hue has the richest colour when portions are at least a centimetre in diameter or thickness. Rose quartz is sturdy enough for usage in any form of jewellery, with a Mohs hardness of 7 and no cleavage. Faceted rose quartz is rare since clear pink quartz is uncommon, and translucent rose quartz does not compete well with other faceted materials.

Although rose quartz cabochons are common in handmade jewellery, commercial or designer jewellery seldom features rose quartz. Its pink tint blends very well with metal surroundings and the skin tones of most individuals. Pink sapphire, morganite, rhodolite, spinel, and tourmaline are faceted stones utilised instead of pink quartz, owing to their better purity and greater lustre.

Rose quartz Jewellery guide

Rose Quartz is a quartz type with a rose pink colour. The stone has a beautiful rosy or dusky pink hue, making it perfect for jewellery creations. When light falls on a delicate, open setting like those seen in our Rose Quartz Jewellery, the pastel shine of the genuine rose quartz stone is particularly lovely. The Rose Quartz Charm Bracelet is a lovely pink beaded bracelet that flatters the wrist and makes any skin tone glow wonderfully.

It's one of our best-selling rose quartz designs. By adding your favourite charm to the bracelet, you may design your style. Beautiful Rose Quartz Jewellery may be found in the IrsiGems Collection. The Rose Quartz Earring Studs, the big cocktail style Rose Quartz Ring with star, and the Rose Quartz Cross Pendant are a few of our favourites. Rose Quartz jewellery is thought to help re-establish trust and harmony in relationships and inspire unconditional love.

When worn near to the body, it purifies and expands the heart on all levels, promoting love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing, and feelings of serenity. Jewellery is the most effective way to wear Rose Quartz stones and benefit from their healing properties.


Rose quartz is a beautiful semi-precious colour gemstone that may brighten up your personality and outfit. You can make an informed selection when purchasing rose quartz jewellery and preserve it by following our instructions.