Ruby: the July birthstone

Ruby and Diamond Ring


Each month is symbolised with a lovely gemstone. For example, the ruby is the birthstone for July, and it is also one of the most precious and sought-after gemstones on the planet. The ruby is made of the mineral corundum, also known as aluminium oxide, and is named after the Latin word ruber, which means "red." Although the stone is predominantly mined in Burma, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, and Kenya, it has also been discovered in the Carolinas and Montana in the United States. Rubies are a beautiful stone to use in jewellery, such as earrings, necklaces, and rings. The best hue for the July birthstone is a deep red with a tinge of purple, known as "pigeon's blood" in the industry.

The king of Gems-  Ruby

Rubies are frequently linked with prosperity and fortune. Rubies were used to adorn many ancient crowns because they symbolised good luck and bravery. The rich red hue of the ruby is also associated with love, passion, and raw emotion. Rubies were once thought to contain drops of Mother Earth's blood, according to ancient beliefs. The stones were prized because they were considered to possess the key to eternal life. Sapphires may change into rubies if kept in the ground long enough. Others claim that rubies were utilised to predict when tragedy would strike. Rubies are most recognised for their deep red hue, although they may also be found in various colours, from near-burgundy to pastel pink. The cost of a ruby is determined by its colour variety, with darker and brighter stones fetching the greatest rates.

The deep-red ruby

Like sapphire and emerald, Ruby is a crystalline variant of the mineral aluminium oxide, which is found in the corundum family. The element chromium is responsible for the deep red hue of the July birthstone; the more chromium present, the deeper the tone of red. One of the most interesting characteristics of rubies is their capacity to absorb natural light and re-emit it after a while, resulting in a glossy glow that adds to the July birthstone's supernatural nature. To preserve its great quality, the ruby's shade must be neither too dark nor too bright. As the shade of the ruby changes, the quality and worth of the ruby decrease.

Significance of Ruby-the July birthstone

The rich crimson colour of the July birthstone signifies love, romance, and passion. Rubies are frequently linked with life and vigour since their hue is comparable to that of blood. Because rubies are linked with fire, many individuals wear them as a sign of the fire that burns within them, representing their power and resolve. Rubies are mentioned four times in the Bible, and they are associated with desirable qualities such as beauty and intelligence. Because of its great worth, the ruby is generally viewed as a sign of riches and prestige in today's society. Wearing a ruby will undoubtedly convey a special message, as the ruby represents many powerful emotions and appealing features.

Healing properties of Ruby

The ruby isn't only a pretty stone; it's also said to have therapeutic qualities. Rubies were thought to have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties by certain ancient cultures. Rubies are also said to have revitalising powers by many individuals. Wearing a ruby may give you the burst of energy you need to get through the day if you're having problems staying motivated or being active. Some people believed this July birthstone might forecast bad luck or danger, while others said it could heal inflammatory illnesses and calm wrath. Burmese warriors thought it made them unstoppable in combat. Rubies, according to mediaeval Europeans, gave health, knowledge, riches, and love success. Ruby balances and encourages you to follow your joy by stimulating the heart chakra. Ruby is thought to encourage pleasant dreams and clear visualisation and assist in the retention of riches and passion.

Some fascinating facts about rubies

  1. Rubies were buried beneath the foundations of buildings in various Asian civilisations to bring good luck and riches. In China and India, rubies were also utilised in harnesses and armour for noblemen. In addition, rubies were thought to protect Hindus from impending foes.
  2. The National Museum of Natural History has some of the world's most renowned rubies. One of them is a 23-carat Burmese ruby that billionaire Peter Buck presented to the museum. The stone was mined in the 1930s in Myanmar's Mogok area.
  3. The Star Ruby is one of the rarest kinds of rubies. Small needle-like inclusions in ruby have produced a six or twelve-rayed star on the stone's surface. After the stone has been polished, these impurities give it a silky shine and allow the ruby to shimmer as it moves in the light. Star rubies are available in the same colours as regular rubies, although pigeon's blood star rubies are the most desirable.
  4. Corundum is a colourless mineral composed of aluminium and oxygen. It must come into touch with tiny quantities of chromium to develop colour. The chromium in the stone's structure substitutes some of the aluminium, resulting in red ruby. Chromium is also responsible for the green colour of emeralds.
  5. Because the first ruby was discovered in India, the stone was given an Indian name. Ratnaraj means "king of precious stones" in Sanskrit. Although the diamond is frequently regarded as the greater gemstone in modern times, the ruby undoubtedly merits this royal title for its rich, alluring colour. The word "ruby" originates from the Latin word "Rubeus," which means "red."

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Because the ruby is one of the most stunning gemstones on the planet, everyone born in July should consider themselves lucky enough that it is their birthstone. This gemstone is also ageless; thus, a quality ruby stone will last for many years. So wear your birthstone with pride if you are born in July!