Which things to keep in mind before wearing a sapphire gemstone?

sapphire gemstone


sapphire gemstoneThe gemstone of Saturn, the most active planet, is blue sapphire. Saturn is a significant planet that has a substantial effect on the lives of all living creatures, including humans. This planet can influence the wearer's life in both favourable and bad ways. It is also said to be the bearer of blue sapphires' heavenly essence. It is commonly believed that if the Blue sapphire gemstone is suitable for a person, it will offer the wearer prosperity, financial security, and good health.

However, the procedures for wearing a blue sapphire gemstone must be carefully followed; else, it may do more harm than benefit. The way you wear blue sapphire has a big impact on whether or not it's good for you. Also, keep in mind that if Blue sapphire does not fit you, it might have dire consequences in your life; thus, visit an astrologer before wearing this gemstone to ensure that you receive the best outcomes from Neelam stone. 

The following comprehensive information will give you an insight into wearing the blue sapphire gemstone to acquire the magical qualities of Saturn in your life.

Things to keep in mind before wearing a sapphire gemstone

Before wearing this gemstone, it is recommended that you purchase high-quality, natural blue sapphire gems from a reputable gemstone vendor. Because the quality of the gemstone has a significant impact on the advantages, you receive from it, after purchase, an astrologer should be consulted to learn how to wear Blue sapphire gemstone properly. The rituals for wearing a sapphire gemstone are:

  1. Before wearing this gemstone, it should be washed in either boiling or clean water to remove contaminants. A blue sapphire ring should be between 4 and 5 carats in weight.
  2. The optimum time to wear this gemstone is in the morning on Saturday. As a result, this gemstone should only be worn during this time. 
  3. Five incenses should be lighted and rotated around the gemstone before wearing it, and the following Shani Mantra should be said or recited- ‘Om Shan Shanishcharay Namah.’
  4. After reciting the Saturn Mantra, the Neelam Stone ring should be worn on the hand’s middle finger.
  5. The enigmatic blue Sapphire gemstone begins to produce results as soon as it is worn. Because Saturn is an angry planet, it is recommended that you keep this gemstone under your pillow before wearing it to see whether it is appropriate. If he has unpleasant dreams after putting them under his pillow, he should avoid wearing this blue gemstone.
  6. Blue sapphire gemstone should be embedded in gold and silver rings.
  7. At the foot of a peepal tree, one should offer black urad, salt, mustard oil, soap, tea leaves, and money (Dakshina) according to one's ability and pray for well-being.
  8. Shivalinga should be washed in milk, and male buffalo should be fed green leaves and cottonseed.
  9. Capricorn and Aquarius natives must wear blue sapphire. Blue Sapphire is also worn by individuals who have a weak Saturn in their horoscope.
  10. Neelam can help professionals in dance, theatre, martial arts, cinematography, and direction. Wearing the stone can assist a person in becoming a successful businessman or politician. Magistrates and lawyers can also wear a blue sapphire gemstone to help them succeed in their job.

Benefits of wearing sapphire gemstone

Sapphires were thought to maintain integrity, detect fraud and deceit, and guard against poison, plague, fever, and skin disorders in ancient times. The most popular notion of it now is that it is a stone of wisdom. Learning, mental sharpness, and spiritual healing are all believed to be benefits of sapphires. They can help you achieve mental clarity by calming your anxieties. The third eye and throat chakras are activated by sapphire, allowing one to attain a greater degree of self-awareness.

As a result, sapphires may assist in instilling a positive outlook on life and bringing about calm energies when the mind is overworked. Sapphire is also excellent for channelling healing forces from a higher source into the healer, so Reiki practitioners frequently utilise it. It is widely used in engagement rings since it is regarded as the stone of love, faithfulness, and commitment. It is also utilised as a gemstone for professional assistance.

It is claimed to keep CEOs and writers' minds engaged, enhance awareness of higher concepts in historians and researchers, and help attorneys and journalists make better decisions. Sapphires, which are a sign of wise and honest leadership, can also boost self-motivation and perseverance.

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