The 7 most common semi precious gemstones and their properties

We are all acquainted with precious stones, referring to the 'big four' in the world of gemstones: diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire.


Then there are semi precious stones, which often leave people perplexed with regard to their concept and differences from precious stones. To put it into perspective, any gemstone that isn't a diamond, ruby, emerald, or sapphire is a semi precious stone. As simple as that!


In fact, you would be surprised to know that there is technically no point of difference between precious and semi precious. It is just a concept created in the gem industry to designate any stone that isn't a precious stone. For instance, both emeralds and aquamarines are a variant of beryl, but emerald is a precious stone while aquamarine is a semi precious stone.


At the outset, the reason for distinguishing precious and semi precious stones was attributed to the variation in rarity and value between the big four and the rest of the huge roster of gemstones. However, the gap between the two has become more transparent and less obvious due to the fact that some semi precious stones sell at a higher value than precious stones. In addition, some semi precious stones are also rarer than some precious stones. The classic example of this is tanzanite, a blue gemstone that is a thousand times rarer than diamonds!


So when you go for your next gemstone purchase, we strongly recommend you to not be split into deciding between precious and semi precious stones. At the end of the day, all gemstones are precious per se, and all they should do is provide you with a sense of value, belonging, and uniqueness. Emotions and quality are the primary factors that decide how "precious" a gem is!


This write-up will highlight the 7 most common semi precious gemstones and their properties. So with that being said, let's begin!




Dissimilar to most gemstones, pearls have a natural origin:  they are brought into the world from a living organic entity. This makes them one of the most human-like and regular gemstones there are. You heard that right! They are made when a stone or a sand grain enters a mollusc's shell, which secretes a material that covers the sand grain in layers. Lastly, the sandgrain turns into a lovely gemstone.


Normal pearls are very intriguing and becoming more uncommon consistently, so regular pearls are incredibly costly as well. Except if you have any desire to burn through loads of cash, you would do well with refined pearls.


Whenever you purchase gemstones, search for the nacre, the layer encompassing the pearl. Both refined freshwater pearls and regular saltwater pearls have strong nacre, however refined saltwater pearls rather have layers of nacre around a focal core.


The shade of the pearl could likewise impact your decision. Most pearls are white in variety however have a suggestion of different tones like rose-red or gold. Besides, refined pearls may be colored to foster pearls of any variety. You can find more about the shades of pearl gemstone on the web.

The cost of the pearl is not entirely settled by its weight. The pearl cost per gram isn't normalized and runs altogether as per the quality. For the most part, freshwater refined pearls are less expensive than saltwater refined ones, while normal pearl cost is the most expensive.


The perfection of a pearl is an essential consideration in concluding the pearl cost per gram. Pearls that have a smooth and high completion are esteemed the most. Little spots and knocks could somewhat influence the cost. Nonetheless, breaks on a superficial level extraordinarily lessen the worth.

One more significant component that concludes the cost of a pearl is its size.


Since the expense relies upon the pearl cost per gram, greater pearls have more weight and are costlier. Henceforth, you ought to search for the size that fits your requirements without being excessively costly.

While buying a pearl gemstone, it should be remembered that pearls are delicate and permeable, defenseless to scratches and breaks. Indeed, even all that quality pearls can get harmed whenever treated generally. In this way, you should accept extreme attention to detail once you purchase gemstones. Take a stab at perusing a few aides about the support of pearl gemstone on the web.


The old Greeks accepted that these rich gemstones helped love bird ladies from achiness to visit the family and advanced satisfaction. Normally they made wonderful wedding gifts as well. While the vast majority think pearls are either white or dark, they're undeniably more different. They arrive in an assortment of shades like dark, cream, dim, blue, yellow, lavender, green and mauve. The biggest pearl on the planet, the Pearl of Asia was Shah Jahan's second gift to his #1 young lady, Mumtaz. Viewed as gemstones of good cause, penance and devotion, heroes in old India conveyed swords decorated with this gemstone. Each pearl addressed a death toll and tears. Today, pearls are values throughout the world for their delicate aura and are extensively used in jewellery.



Aquamarine & Diamond Ring


Aquamarine, as the name clearly proposes, is a splendid ocean blue gemstone that has its name gotten from the Latin word water marinus, which means "water of the ocean". The aquamarine is a classification of the beryl mineral class and is noted for its wonderful blue shade shaped because of iron present within the gemstone. Be that as it may, its particular colouration goes from lighter shades of blue to greenish-blue tints. It is important that aquamarine with hazier tones is by and large viewed as more significant than its lighter partners.


There are in many cases examinations drawn among aquamarines and emeralds as the two of them have a place with the beryl class of minerals. While aquamarines are all the more effectively accessible in nature, they are practically liberated from any type of considerations (something normal in emeralds). Besides, aquamarines are hard, making it doable to be worn consistently.


Aquamarine is the birthstone for individuals brought into the world in the long stretch of March. It represents boldness, dedication and fellowship. Moreover, the wearer is said to benefit colossally by embracing smoothness and harmony.


To make matters really fascinating, it is likewise noticed that aquamarines were once bountiful in money boxes and were dominatingly used by sailors to guarantee a protected, glad, and effective excursion even through harsh climate. Besides, the aquamarine is likewise connected with accomplishing a series of wins in varying backgrounds. However, it doesn't end here! Aquamarines are likewise firmly connected with an ecstatic wedded life and advance more love.



Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Ring


Tourmaline is an exquisite semi-valuable gemstone that is well-known for its extensive range of varieties. While the compound arrangement reflects consistency in the translucent design through a bunch of comparable minerals, there are a few other complex components, for example, calcium, manganese and iron, all of which join to give tourmaline its tone.


On an essential level, the presence of iron and moment hints of titanium are the explanations for the development of blue and green tourmalines. Different varieties like red, yellow, or pink get their tones because of the presence of manganese.


With regards to hardness, tourmaline positions a respectable 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. As it is certainly intense and tough enough to be utilized for customary wear. Subsequently, tourmaline tracks down applications in different sorts of adornments. Moreover, the tourmaline is the birthstone for individuals brought into the world in the long stretch of October.


Tourmaline doesn't need heat treatment as usually as different diamonds. Most tourmaline pieces in the market are totally untreated, truth be told. Nonetheless, these gemstones (especially the red and pink variations) are exposed to heat treatment or illumination to upgrade their tints and clearness. With everything taken into account, the tourmaline is an awesome gemstone to claim.



 Opal Gemstone


Opal is seemingly the most remarkable, various, and delightful semi precious stone. Not at all like most gemstones, opal is indistinct which implies it doesn't have a characterized translucent design. It takes on many shapes and tones and in like that, it is really erratic.


Opals are exceptionally fascinating and there are fantasies that you'll need to be aware of too. We even have a few fantastic examples for you to respect as you find out about this interesting gemstone.


However the specific reason for opal development is as yet questioned, many accept that silica was conveyed down into rock cleft by weighty downpours. When the water vanished, what was left was a silica gel that then, at that point, solidified throughout the span of what some accept is a long period of time. This didn't occur out of the blue! It requires approximately 5 million years to harden only one centimeter of opal.


Valuable opals have two essential tones, their experience tone and their play of variety. The foundation tone is brought about by contaminations inside the silica. Inside the valuable opal family, there are various assortments of opal. Each has their own one of a kind variety mixes and character attributes. Opals can be viewed as orange, yellow, red, green, blue, or purple. Dark opals are viewed as perhaps the most extraordinary gemstone, however they also can be an assortment of dull tones.


Different tones are brought about by the manner in which silica frames together. Silica is made out of a lot of little circles that stick to each other. At the point when they intertwine, minuscule holes are made between them that permit the light to diffract. This diffraction causes a size of various shapes and variety mixes.



 Garnet Earrings Heart Shaped Gold

Garnet is a really fascinating name. It starts from terms that mean "dim red" and "seed-like". Furthermore, it could never have been more suitable! All things considered, garnets in a real sense seem to be the seeds of a pomegranate. To be precise, red is the typical shade of garnets, yet they likewise come in different varieties that incorporate yellow, orange, peach, green, purple, blue (incredibly interesting), brown and pink.


Garnet, as a gemstone, is really divergent in contrast with different minerals that are basically interesting variations supplemented with colors because of the presence of minor components. Garnets, nonetheless, can be tracked down in a wide cluster of mineral species and mixes. They are likewise known to show luminous properties, as a matter of fact. At the end of the day, garnets can show different varieties under various circumstances.


This remarkable gemstone is made under states of high temperatures in transformative rocks and, on occasion, even in molten rocks. Garnets are weighty on emblematic translations. They are related with energy, want, drive, and the heart. It is the birthstone for individuals brought into the world in the period of January.


Moreover, it is significant that garnet is a sensibly extreme gemstone. With a Mohs hardness scale running between 6.5 to 7, these wonders are tough to keep going for a really long time. It is deep rooted as a gemstone that can assist the wearer with managing tension, stress, and despondency. At last, it is additionally expected to be useful to the circulatory system and, consequently, advance better flow of blood all through the body.



 Amethyst Gold Necklace

Amethyst is the banner carrier for the Quartz group of gemstones, which likewise incorporates Citrine and Prasiolite. The pearl impeccably exhibits generally that this mineral brings to the table, across an assortment of shades from sensitive light pinks to most unimaginable purples. Known for having eye clean clearness in numerous examples and for being promptly accessible in liberal carat loads, Amethyst remaining parts one of the most famous gemstones available. With a captivating history and  much tone, these gemstones are really enchanting.


Amethyst's utilization in simple adornments can be followed back similar to the Neolithic time frame (roughly 4,000 BC) and tests of it set into gold rings have been uncovered in internment locales from around 2,400 BC.


Amethyst is the birthstone of February, and is the authority gemstone for Wednesday. It is likewise the authority gemstone for the sixth and seventeenth wedding commemorations. The jewel includes a three-sided gem framework. Amethyst happens in many shades, from a light, marginally lavender pinkish to a profound purple like that of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape.


Amethyst can likewise be somewhat pleochroic, and that implies that when light hits the diamond, shades of various tones, for example, reds and blues should be visible from various points. The variety comes from iron contaminations inside the stone, without which it would be dismal. How much iron inside each stone decides how profound the variety is.


Amethyst actually positions as the most costly and wanted assortment of Quartz because of its interesting regular profound purple body tone and excellent clearness.



 Peridot Gold Necklace

Peridot is one of the most gratifying gemstones, acquiring a lot of prominence because of its outlandish olive green shade. It is additionally generally famous as one of the head gemstones for decontaminating all poisons. Related with numerous striking mending properties incorporate removing pressure, quieting down outrage, and feeling more satisfied and blissful with life. It is the birthstone for the period of August.


Peridot has for days of yore been assigned as a lesser stone because of the way that it is generally simple to acquire and not high on valuing. All things considered, the mentality towards peridot has changed over the long haul. For a long time, this beautiful precious stone had been precarious as far as notoriety until it was almost lost or obscurity. However, there's uplifting news! The lovely olive green stone is the promotion nowadays and is respected for its recuperating properties and excellence.


Peridot is related to warmth, goodness, and prosperity. One of the greatest USPs of these tempting gemstones is the way that the precious stone emits a gleaming energy that is essentially overwhelming.