Top 11 Custom-cut Emerald Rings for Your Engagement

There's something about emeralds that make them one of the most sought-after gemstones all across the globe. After all, emerald is the epitome of a rich, brilliant, and vibrant green colour that makes the gemstone absolutely irresistible. Be it the elegance, the mysterious aura, or the depth it offers, the emerald has established itself as one of the premier gemstones. Naturally, emerald finds itself an extremely popular gemstone to be used in engagement rings. Let's find out what makes emerald among the go-to gemstones for engagement rings. 

Why should you choose an emerald ring for your engagement? 

It goes without saying that emeralds are an incredible choice for an engagement ring. While diamonds are well-established for their icy clarity, emeralds offer a gorgeous richness in colour and an unmatched appeal due to their various inclusions that give them uniqueness and charm. As such, emeralds are infamous for their depth with a lush, luxurious green colour. So if you are a woman looking for an outstanding engagement ring, there's almost nothing better than an emerald ring. 

Emeralds are extremely versatile. 



It is worth noting that emeralds are typically cheaper than diamonds of a similar carat. Furthermore, emeralds can go in sync flawlessly with a diamond, either taking centre stage or as an accompaniment. Moreover, an emerald can pair seamlessly with any colour of the band. So regardless of the colour or addition of another gemstone like a diamond, an emerald will fit in without any hassle and, in fact, make the ring all the more glorious and special. 

The aim of this write-up is to present some of the most prominent custom-cut emerald engagement rings in the market today and to also highlight what makes them special. 

But before we get into that list, we will present some crucial details and particulars that you should be acquainted with before you purchase your beautiful emerald engagement ring. 

  • Your emerald engagement ring will be quite delicate.

  • Before you decide on taking an emerald engagement ring, it is important to note that an emerald is not as tough and durable as a diamond, ruby, or sapphire. Emerald ranks 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, rubies and sapphire rank around 9,  while a diamond scores 10.

    So if you lead an active outdoor lifestyle wherein you tend to use your hands a lot, then an emerald engagement ring might not be ideal for you. 

    With how delicate emeralds are, it is recommended to clean your emerald engagement ring with soap and water. 

  • An emerald with inclusions is ideal.

  • For gemstones like emerald or sapphire, it is natural to display inclusions. So an emerald with inclusions is still super special and valuable and, more importantly, adds a sense of uniqueness to your beautiful engagement ring. 

    Emerald engagement rings come in a wide array of shades of green that typically include lush greens and, at times, bluish-green. These are highly regarded by gemstone experts and buyers alike. In addition, an emerald with inclusions costs less than one with lesser inclusions. These inclusions are known as jardin (meaning "garden" in French), and are a huge contributing factor to making emeralds more beautiful. As such, people generally love them! 

    So by purchasing an emerald engagement ring that has inclusions in it, you are getting yourself an amazing deal. You can rest assured that you will fall in love with those unique little inclusions! In fact, an emerald with inclusions is aesthetically regarded as more stylized gen than a diamond for engagement rings. 

  • The colour of your emerald
  • Emerald Pear Shape


    The green colour of an emerald can vary in terms of depth of the colour, saturation, and tone are all important factors that decide the quality of your emerald engagement ring. But when you seek your perfect ring from a reputed jewellery store, you can rest assured of quality. As such, you should choose an emerald that you can relate to and feel a connection with. That's the perfect engagement ring emerald for you! 

    Now we will present to you the most magnificent emerald rings that bring out the true essence, glory, and beauty of emeralds. With that being said, the following is the list of the top 11 custom-cut emerald rings that are perfect for your engagement:

  • Art Nouveau Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring 

  • The Art Nouveau style gained widespread prominence and popularity in the 19th century. This style is renowned for its vintage floral touch and gorgeous curvy contours. With subtle hints of Art Deco and an ode to the 19th Century era, this ring will take you back to that time period and add a unique charm to the occasion. 

  • Gold Engraved Vintage Emerald Engagement Ring

  • The most outstanding thing about any vintage emerald ring is the very intricate and minute details that get included in the design of the ring. These details are delicate and boast finesse like no other! 

    The emerald is oval and merges flawlessly with the ring. The engravings on the ring band appear to be a natural addition to the subtle notes that the emerald offers. 

  • Pear Shaped Bezel Set Emerald Engagement Ring With Diamond Accent

  • The emerald piece takes centre stage through a handcrafted appeal and is the biggest USP of this beauty. It is a perfect representation of the classic engagement ring design without being chaotic in any way whatsoever. 

    The icing on the cake is the pretty diamond accent right next to the emerald. Wow!

    The hand-crafted look is further complemented with the bezel-set, making it look modern while also having its own exclusive feel to it, courtesy of the accent. Absolutely incredible!

  • Leaf-like Multi-Gem Pear Shaped Emerald Engagement Ring

  • If you are looking for an emerald engagement ring that can turn heads, then there's hardly any that's better than this! This unique ring presents an arrangement of the emeralds, each shaped like a leaf. Indeed, this engagement ring is truly a masterpiece!

  • Romantic Diamond Encased Emerald Cut Emerald

  • This absolutely stunning piece is beautiful to the core. The gorgeously emerald-cut emerald looks ethereal and is encased in a series of diamond accents, giving it almost a Greek mythological aura. You will never get enough of this special ring!

  • Solitaire Emerald Cut Emerald Beauty

  • This is an absolute classic. Nothing brings out the classic emerald cut in a more wholesome way. It is simple, radiant, and exhibits a minimalistic design that lets the emerald stand out and bask in all its glory. 

    Backed by a traditional band, this engagement ring proves that even the simplest of products can be wonderful. Special note on that gorgeous emerald cut!

  • Cleo Emerald Cut Emerald Diamond Ring

  • This exemplary engagement ring inspired by Cleopatra is an absolutely stunning piece of work. The emerald has elegant supremacy to it that is bound to bring out the queen in you! If that wasn't enough already, the tapered baguette diamonds besides the emerald add a crown-like grandeur to the ring. Slay it, queen!

  • Pave Set Hexagonal Emerald Solitaire Ring

  • Who doesn't love a hexagonal emerald?! But there's more! Between the simplistic band and the oh-so-gorgeous hexagon, the emerald is surrounded by tiny gold beads through its sides. This ends up glorifying the emerald in a perfect way, thereby ensuring an ideal engagement ring for yourself. 

  • Vintage Style Rose Gold Delicate Darling

  • Don't we all have a special place in our hearts for rose gold? Now imagine a beautiful rose gold band complemented with four diamond accents, two on each side of the central emerald. When you wear this, you can rest assured that you are going to feel like a princess!

  • Marquise Cut Rose Gold Band

  • The Marquise cut deserves more love than it gets, and if there's any piece of jewellery that completely justifies why a marquise cut emerald is a sheer wonder, then it's this engagement ring! In fact, gemstone cutters and connoisseurs agree that the marquise cut works flawlessly with an emerald engagement ring. Indeed, there's absolutely no doubt about that!

    Along with the marquise cut emerald, the band is adorned with small beads of alternate emeralds and diamonds, adding an enchanting look to the ring. And a special mention to the rose gold colour of the band. Splendid!

  • Classic Emerald Cut Emerald Halo Engagement Ring

  • Another classic on the list, this beautiful engagement ring is a legacy in itself. The emerald is surrounded by a breathtaking halo of jaw-dropping diamonds. The commanding presence of the diamond halo is perfectly in sync with the grace of the emerald, making it look regal and grand. Try your best to look away from your ring in your engagement! 

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