Top 5 record-setting biggest rare gemstone in the world

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Technically speaking, there are many rare and high-quality gemstones in the market. But when we talk about the most significant rare gemstones globally, they are those precious gemstones that even billionaires have to think twice before buying. Elizabeth Taylor famously stated, “ “I enjoy wearing stones, but not because they are mine”. You can't have brilliance, but you may enjoy it. This is indeed true for some of the rare record-setting gemstones in the world. The mining business is worth hundreds of billions of dollars per year. The world economy is expanding, and demand for fine jewellery, especially coloured precious and semi-precious gemstones, has never been higher. We have earlier discussed some of the rarest and most expensive stones in the world-typical $4,000 diamond engagement ring that was most likely produced in a lab or the $3,000 ruby that was most likely treated. These are some of the finest and rarest gemstones in the world. Let’s take a look at five of these.

Top 5 record-setting biggest rare gemstone in the world

The five precious and semi-precious gemstones that broke all records include-

  1. In early 2016, the world's largest blue sapphire was discovered in Sri Lanka. The huge stone, dubbed the "Star of Adam," weighs a whopping 1,404 carats. The sapphire is a blue "star" sapphire, so named because of the dazzling six-pointed star that forms when light reflects off its surface. The stone's worth has been estimated to be anywhere from $100 million to $300 million. This one stone is worth more than Sri Lanka's whole gem industry, which generates $103 million in annual exports. The royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William in 2011 sparked a surge in interest in blue stones around the world. Middleton's engagement ring, a 12-carat blue sapphire, piqued curiosity in the stones and drove up demand. The royal stone, on the other hand, pales in comparison to the huge Star of Adam.
  2. Guinness emerald- This stone is so impressive that it was inscribed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Fura Gems owns the Coscuez mine, where the 1759-carat emerald was discovered. For several years, it was the world's largest uncut emerald. However, only 10% of the Coscuez mine has been investigated, meaning more stones like the Guinness World Record emerald hidden beneath the surface. Fura Gems recently announced the acquisition of the Coscuez mine in its entirety. The company purchased a mine for only $10 million that can produce hundreds of millions of dollars in emeralds similar to the Guinness Emerald. At a value of $9,800 per carat, the stone might be worth $17 million in its uncut state. However, once it's been chopped, it may be worth a lot more. In June 2017, an 18-carat emerald ring, for example, fetched $5.5 million at auction. For the right bidder, the Guinness Emerald may be worth more than $500 million. The stone is currently safe and well in Colombia's Banco Nacional.
  3. This enigmatic stone has a fascinating backstory. The Chaiyo Ruby is a massive gem, weighing in about 109,000 carats, or about the same as a seven- or eight-year-old child. The stone is estimated to be worth £320 million (roughly $448 million). The ruby comes from a mine in South Asia, though the exact location of the mine is a point of contention between Myanmar and Thailand. There have also been claims that the stone is a forgery that was made in Myanmar. The stone is so enigmatic that no one knows where it is now. It went missing in the early 2000s, and it could be hiding in a Laos safety deposit box. According to speculations, it was stolen from its original owners by Myanmar military personnel. Whatever the case may be, this gigantic stone is undoubtedly one of the most valuable and unusual discoveries of the recent era.
  4. The Bahia Emerald, the world's largest emerald ever discovered in a single shard, weighs around 1.7 million carats, or 752 lbs. It was discovered in the eastern Brazilian state of Bahia. The massive stone, which is now housed in a vault in Los Angeles, is estimated to be worth $925 million. The magnificent stone was housed in New Orleans for a period before being nearly wiped away by Hurricane Katrina's floodwaters in 2005. As a result, the Bahia Emerald, like the Chaiyo Ruby, is steeped in mystery. The stone was stolen from a secure vault in South El Monte, California, in September 2008, after surviving Hurricane Katrina. The stone was tracked down after it was stolen, and it is now the subject of a lengthy legal struggle to identify who owns it. FM Holdings was eventually awarded the Bahia Emerald in June 2015. However, the Brazilian authorities claimed that it had been mined illegally and rightly belonged to Brazil. The case was restarted as a result of this. The world's largest emerald now resides in an evidence vault at the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. Who knows when it will be made public.
  5. Letseng Diamond- A stunning recent discovery was made in the tiny African country of Lesotho: a 910-carat colourless, pure diamond. The 6.4-ounce stone is about the size of two golf balls, but don't be fooled by its size: the right buyer could easily pay tens of millions of dollars for it. The same company also uncovered a stone that sold for $20,000 per carat. According to analysts, the Letseng diamond might be valued as much as $40 million, if not more. Colourless diamonds are scarce since they have no visible imperfections. Jewellers are also in high demand for them. The nitrogen content of the Letseng stone is nearly non-existent. Because nitrogen can cause diamonds to turn yellow, the stone's colourless appearance will let it sparkle considerably brighter once cut and polished. And a large stone like this might easily yield many smaller stones, which could be cut into various jewellery pieces.

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