8 Ways to use broken semi-precious gemstones for jewellery

semi-precious gemstones for jewellery


Anyone who has worn jewellery for any amount of time is aware of the normal wear-and-tear phase it will go through. Over time, the metal loses its lustre, the stone becomes less sparkling, and the borders of the prongs or bezels become less distinct. This is entirely normal, and a simple trip to the jeweler for a polish and cleaning will bring the jewellery back to life in some pretty incredible ways. But what happens if you look down and see a small line moving across the stone? Or maybe a small dent in one of the facet's edges? There will undoubtedly be some dissatisfaction. Almost everybody adores the appearance of a new car or a new set of clothing. However, it only takes a few trips down the road or a few rounds of washing for it to lose some of its "fresh beauty." Sadly, the same is true for jewellery, and no matter what stone you carry, it will inevitably get a dent, scrape, or crack. But fret not; we can bring these broken semi-precious gemstones for jewellery making


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What gemstones can be reused?

Broken gemstones may also be modified and redesigned. Depending on the design and components of your old jewellery, you might be able to make one new piece out of several old pieces or several new pieces out of one old piece—the choice is entirely up to you and your creativity. Aside from the exciting possibilities of putting a hidden gem back into the spotlight, reusing metals and stones is an environmentally friendly way to build one-of-a-kind jewellery that would make an ideal gift for yourself or anyone else. 

Assessing the broken gemstone

Stop before you throw those tiny pieces away! Even if you think the stone is worthless, the broken fragments will help the jeweler figure out how the gemstone was original. This is critical, particularly if you are unfamiliar with stone kinds. Next, determine the item's setting. This will give you a rough idea of the size of the substitute stone you'll need. Any jeweler can indicate the size of your stone by taking a simple measurement in millimeters.

How to reuse broken semi-precious gemstones for jewellery making?

Although diamonds have a resale value, the great majority of gemstones do not. As semi-precious stones, they're mass-produced, mostly synthetic, and simple to come by. That isn't to say that your gemstone isn't beautiful or nostalgic. So, what would you do with your gemstone if you can't exchange it for cash or do not want to wear that piece of broken jewellery? Whatever you would like to do with your gemstone, you'll need to commission a piece from a jeweler. So, we provide you with some out-of-the-box ideas to use broken faceted semi-precious gemstones for jewellery making.

  1. DIY gemstone hair pins - Even if your favorite necklace has broken doesn't mean you can't save the best pieces and wear them instead as a tribute! Notably, if it was a vibrant necklace with lots of sweet, eye-catching little bits. You can create fancy bobby pins for your hair with these broken pieces of gemstones. These would look super chic and can be adorned with statement Indian wear. 
  2. Bangles from old gemstones - you can get different types of bangles made from your semi-precious gemstones. They can be layered bangles set in gold with an effect of diamond in it. If the trend is no longer fashionable, we can make something completely unique by incorporating Polki or gemstones from the original into a new piece of jewellery based on the customer's requirements. New bangles can be made from chunks of old and broken gemstones and can be given a completely new look.
  3. A brand new ring or charm - if you have an old pendant with semi-precious gemstones like emerald and it has now been scratched or broken, you can get it converted into a new piece of jewellery like a ring or a charm. You can add other details to the ring and use the same old gemstone in a new setting, like a ring or a charm. You can reuse family heirlooms to make an engagement ring or wedding bands for your next generations. Give it a new lease on life and a new sense of purpose.
  4. Bracelet - if you have semi-precious gemstones like pearls, you can consider restring them into a smaller strand or bracelet. These gemstones which have broken or are defective can be reused again and be made into your favorite piece of jewellery. One such way is to create a bracelet out of it and keep those semi-precious gemstones intact.
  5. Swap out the metal - if your semi-precious jewellery is broken, another thing you can do is to change the metal in which it was set. For instance, if it was in silver, you can now get it done in gold or, even better, white gold. This will increase the worth of your jewellery and also add a new touch to your jewellery. 
  6. Consider adding diamond highlights to the side of your centre stone to give your diamond ring a more elegant upgrade. Switching the band to a setting with diamond accents on the side is a simple way to do this. This will help to enhance the shine of your diamond ring without having to make any drastic changes. You'll be able to keep your original diamond as well.
  7. Set the gemstone in a new setting - The dramatic gemstones used in most fine jewellery would be lost if not for the art of stone setting. The actual aim is to show the gemstone in the most flattering light possible, thus minimising the importance of how it is secured. When designing jewellery, we have various stone setting options to choose from, each designed to present gemstones uniquely. Some stone settings are designed to highlight and elevate a single stone, while others feature groups of gems that can be viewed as a whole. There are stone setting techniques that use fine craftsmanship to draw attention to the specified design. This is another way of using broken most unusual semi-precious gemstones for jewellery making .
  8. Earrings - For a night out on the town, stud earrings can be transformed into dangling earrings, or likewise. A striking pendant can be recast into a completely different style. You may like one feature of the pendant, but this is not something you'd wear daily. Adjust what you don't like and keep what you want. If the stones are calling to you but the style and defect aren't, swap it up for one that does.

How to repair a broken gemstone?

There are two ways to repair a demaged gemstone. In order to repair the damaged semi precious gemstones. We can't repair the damaged or broken stones at home, jewelers generally follow these steps to repair the gemstones.  

Assess the Damage
Identify the damage by vieweing it through a loupe, this can be done through a special magnifying glass that can look at the damage very closely. This allows to see exactly what is wrong with the stone and determine next best action.

Apart from natural damage, there are a few other things that can affect a stone, such as - surface chips, cracks and inclusions, dirt.

Repairing the Gemstone

Generally common semi-precious stones for jewellery making are repaired with the help of lapidary- it is a polish which polishes the surface of the gemstone to remove the scratches.

In case the stone is completely broken, a lapidary can provide a stone replacement by sourcing a new gemstone and cutting it to fit the original setting.

Polishing and Cleaning
One the damage has reparied, the item is required a thorough cleaning and polishing to remove any scratch and dirt from the stone. After this entire process the stone is checked in a quality assurance to mkae sure it is done correctly.

Hope this info on how demaged stones are get repaired will help you to think over this process and will help you to get your stones reapired.

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What makes semi-precious gemstones so valuable. The world of coloured gemstones is incredible.

From ancient times gemstones have been used to adorn. Iris Gems semi-precious stones are rarer; our rarer collection includes opals, jade, rubies, emerald, sapphires, tanzanite and several others.

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 semi-precious gemstones for jewellery making

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Iris Gems Different Types of semi-precious stones for jewellery making available for Sale at 15% Off?

Though gemstones are commonly used for making jewellery, crafts and more. However, there are few gems which are heavily used to make jewellery use. Let's quickly explore major semi-precious stones for jewellery making

Citrine- It's the perfect semi-precious gemstone for jewellery making. It's derived from the french word "Citron" which means lemon, the fact is it's more golden than lemon.

It's a popular gemstone that comes from the "Quartz" family. Citrine crystal has many key energies.


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Turquoise- Turquoise was mined 0ver 4,000 years ago in Egypt and has been mined for at least 2,000 years in Iran.

It's an opaque, bluish-green mineral. A major source of turquoise is the southwest united states. Being the earliest mined stones, turquoise is used as an amulet for protection and symbolized wealth in ancient cultures.

Blue Topaz -Blue Topaz is a colourless gemstone. It contains hydroxyl and fluorine which make it an aluminium silicate.

This semi-precious gemstone was discovered over two thousand years ago.

swiss blue topaz

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Peridot- Peridot is a vibrant green colour stone and it is one of the most frequently used semi-precious stones for jewellery making. This stone is only found in this colour only. Peridot gemstone is a part of the olivine group. Major sources of this semi-precious gemstone are the US, Asia and the Middle East. 


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Rose Quartz- Rose Quartz is a unique soft pink colour gemstone. Rose quartz is mainly a crystal of love and dedication.

Its unique colour is derived from tiny traces of titanium impurities.

White Topaz- Topaz comes in a variety of colours. It is mainly found in orange, red, yellow, white, brown, clear pink and blue colors. 

This semi-precious gemstone can be found in huge sizes at inexpensive prices.

white topaz


Garnet- Garnet is a semi-precious stone available in varities of colours. It's is commonly known as January birthstone and it's best known for its healing properties.

Garnet gemstone is associated with red colour, however, Garnet can be found in almost any colour.

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Iris Gems Most Popular Colourful Semi-Precious Stones used in Jewellery Making. 

If you are looking for everyday use semi-precious stones, then the following gemstones are the best options.

Popular semi-precious stones used in jewellery making are -

Green Gemstones: Green is the most popular semi-precious gemstone used in jewellery making , and nowadays, it has become people first choice. If you prefer faceted stone, consider green tourmaline

These stones are larger and exhibit better clarity than precious stones(emeralds), and can be easily affordable with lower prices and greater durability.

Green Tourmaline

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Dark Purple Gemstones: Amethyst is the most common semi-precious stone used in jewellery making. Purple amethyst is a combination of blue and red colour. 

People prefer to wear purple jewellery for spiritual reasons, and this is why people say purple colour gemstones promote mindfulness, strengthen the brain and improve concentration.


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Yellowish-Green: This quartz from the mineral family (Prasiolite) is a widely known semi-precious gemstone for jewellery making use. Its light green colour transparent hue makes it's most popular among gemstones.

It is considered a highly effective healing stone and is worn to gain spirituality and peace. 


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These broken semi-precious gemstones may be close to your heart or are inherited from your ancestors, and you would not like to throw them away or sell them for cash. Instead, you can take a cue from the above ways and transform them into a statement piece of jewellery. The whole point of bringing these broken semi-precious gemstones into use is to give it the perfect mix: to the person who wore it before and to the person who will wear it now.

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Question-What does semi-precious gemstones for jewellery making mean?

Answer- Gemstones that don't fall under the category of precious gemstones such as - ruby, emerald, sapphire, tanzanite and diamond. 

Calling a stone semi-precious does not depreciate its value in the gemstone industry; even some semi-precious gemstones for jewellery making are more valuable than precious gems. 

Question- What is semi-precious jewellery made of?

Answer- semi-precious stone jewellery is often made with genuine or high-quality stones such as aquamarine, garnet, tourmaline, opals etc. 

What do semi-precious stones for jewellery making look like?

Semi-precious stones are stones that are not counted among precious stones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald and tanzanite. 

In reality, semi-precious gemstones are rarer than precious stones. 

Amethyst, topaz, peridot, citrine, aquamarine are some of the well known semi-precious stones for jewellery making

Semi-precious stones are not less beautiful than precious gems, and even it's always a good choice to go for a beautiful aquamarine rather than a poor-quality sapphire. 


How should one choose semi-precious stones for jewellery making?

The selection of semi-precious stones for jewellery making must be made on the basis of one's own sensitivity. However, you should also consider some other criteria into accounts, such as hardness, size, colour, purity and rarity.


What kind of beautiful semi-precious stones for jewellery making used?

Gemstones such as jade, garnet, tourmaline, white and blue topaz are commonly used for jewellery making. 


Where to buy semi-precious stones for jewellery making in bulk?

If you are specifically looking to buy gemstones in bulk, then you must shop from wholesalers. Shopping from wholesale dealers will cost you five times cheaper than a local jeweller. 

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