What Do Green Gemstones & Crystals Mean?

Learn about emerald, moldavite, serpentine, prehnite, bloodstone, malachite, jade, peridot, and other pale and dark green semi-precious gems and green crystals, including emerald and moldavite serpentine, bloodstone, malachite and more.

What do green gemstones mean?

Green semi-precious gems are associated with the heart chakra, wealth, and nature. They all have varied connotations, but many are related to good fortune, particularly in matters of money and wealth. Because they are linked to the heart chakra, they can aid in mending a shattered heart or the search for love.


Seraphinite is a dark green semi-precious gem. It is a crystal that helps purify and align your energy system and chakras, embodying pure Light energy and attune to and connect with Angels. 

Seraphinite green semi precious gems

Seraphinite is a dark green to grey gem form of clinochlore, a mineral that belongs to the chlorite family. It was discovered in the 1800s in Siberia, Russia, and is only found there. Because Seraphinite is a soft stone with a mineral hardness of 2-4 on the Mohs scale, care should be taken while storing jewellery and Seraphinite stones alongside much harder crystals. Because Seraphinite has feather-like chatoyant silver strands that shimmer like angel wings, it is called after the Seraphim, the most excellent order of angels.


Diopside brings balance and relaxation by linking our energy field to that of the Earth. Diopside is a monoclinic pyroxene silicate mineral with a pyroxene structure. It's a medium-hard stone with a Mohs hardness of roughly 5-6.

Diopside green semi precious gems

The most prevalent gemstone-quality Diopside is a green semi-precious gem, also known as Chrome Diopside, because of its vivid green colour. Dark grey or black is the second most pervasive hue, which is occasionally sliced to create a cat-eye or star effect and is known as Black Star Diopside

Water Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline promotes heart-centred awareness by soothing the mind and emotions while aligning with deep joy and tranquillity.

Water Tourmaline green semi precious gems

Watermelon tourmaline gets its name because some stones have a pink centre surrounded by green, similar to a watermelon, while others have both pink and green in the same stone. So they're a mix of pink and green tourmaline, and they're discovered in places where both are present.

Green Tourmaline

Green tourmaline is a calming and grounding green semi-precious gem that promotes spiritual courage as well as physical energy. Tourmaline is available in various colours, including black, pink, green, blue, and red.

Green Tourmaline green semi precious gems

On the Mohs scale, it is a silicate mineral with a hardness of 7. Because of the columnar structures in which it develops, it has a characteristic striated appearance. Verdelite is another name for green tourmaline.

Ruby Zoisite

Ruby zoisite is a reviving and refreshing stone that can help you reclaim your natural vitality and enthusiasm in life. Green zoisite with ruby inclusions is known as Ruby Zoisite.

Ruby Zoisite green semi precious gems

These two green semi precious gems occur together frequently enough to be referred to as their own crystal kind, anyolite.


Prasiolite (also known as green amethyst) is a kind of green semi-precious gem that has been heat-treated. It works as a bridge between the solar plexus chakra (seat of the will), the heart chakra, and the third eye and crown chakras because it is closely related to both amethyst and citrine.

Prasiolite green semi precious gems

As a result, it's excellent for bringing the body, mind, and soul together as one.



Prehnite harmonises the will and the heart, resulting in calm confidence and clarity about the best course of action to pursue to be in tune with one's spiritual nature.

Prasiolite green semi precious gems

It can help you to hear through your psychic channels more clearly by quieting your thoughts and ego.


Moldavite is well-known in metaphysical and healing crystal circles as a stone of change, spiritual awakening, and personal evolution acceleration.

Prasiolite green semi precious gems

It is particularly active with the heart chakra because it is a green semi-precious gem, but its power may work on and open all chakras, enhancing any spiritual quest.


Emerald is a green semi-precious gem and a potent heart chakra activator. It assists you in being rooted in your heart's wisdom and making decisions based on love and compassion.

Emerald green semi precious gems

It is an abundance stone because it opens your heart to receive the flow of universal abundance that is available to all of us. It, like chrysoprase, can aid in the healing of heartache and the nourishment of your emotional self.

Rainforest Jasper

Rainforest Jasper connects you to the planet, the joy of living, the energy of expansion, and the yearning to harmonise with nature.

Rainforest Jasper green semi precious gems

Rainforest Jasper can assist you in realigning your busy life and discovering your natural rhythm of balance and harmony. In addition, it can assist you in letting go of unhealthy physical habits such as overeating or smoking and establishing a naturally healthy way of life.


Malachite is a staunch guardian and bolsterer of willpower and strength.

Malachite green semi precious gems

It assists you in accessing your inner power and shields you from negativity when you engage in worldly activities.


The name "bloodstone" comes from a forest green variant of jasper (a kind of chalcedony) with scarlet inclusions. Thus, heliotrope is the mineral's name. Yellow jasper is occasionally seen in bloodstone, but it is not common.

Bloodstone green semi precious gems

It is a relatively hard stone, with a Mohs hardness rating of 7. Bloodstone can be found in India, Australia, Brazil, China, Russia, and the Czech Republic, among other places.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a green semi-precious gem also known as the "Lucky Talisman" or "Stone of Opportunity." However, its more important goal is to assist you in letting go of old habits and patterns so that you are ready for new chances and growth and can confidently move forward.

Green Aventurine green semi precious gems

Aventurine, like carnelian, amethyst, and citrine, belongs to the quartz family. It comes in various colours, including forest green, orange, yellow, brown, grey, and blue.


Green Jade

Green jade carries the Earth's and nature's energy, bringing a healthy, nurturing energy that uplifts and comforts the heart. It helps you build physical prosperity and wellbeing by bringing the riches of nature into your life. Jade encourages you to savour the simple pleasures of life–to slow down and smell the roses–and to share them with others.

Green Jade green semi precious gems

It assists us in overcoming our resistance to receive what we require and love and allow us to enter the flow of Divine abundance. Jade is a stone that encourages harmonious connections and is associated with the heart chakra. It's an excellent stone to keep in your home or office to promote sound energy and relationships.