5 things to consider before buying the finest colour gemstones online

finest colour gemstones online


Many customers have found it difficult to buy the finest colour gemstones online in recent years owing to the proliferation of imitation gem items on the market. Scammers' actions and the increase of fake gemstones have harmed numerous authorised gem producers and jeopardised gemstone quality.

Fake gemstones are often constructed of plastic, glass, or ceramic, and they frequently resemble genuine gems, making it difficult for purchasers to distinguish between the two. So don’t make the moreover, because of the stake of purchasing the incorrect gemstone. We have compiled a list of the top five recommended practices to consider before buying any gemstone from your favourite local store or online retailer.

Things to consider before buying the finest colour gemstones online

  1. Learn about the names of the gemstones- You might be shocked to find that more than 15 gemstones are available today, and knowing their names is just as essential as eating a decent meal. Pay attention to the names of gemstones. For example, you could come across gemstones with two names, such as "Balsa ruby," which is red spinel, or "evening emerald," which is peridot. See? It pays to be smart about this; don't be deceived, and learn the names of gemstones
  2. Gemstone identification- Natural, synthetic, or fake gemstones are all possibilities for the gemstone you want to bring home. Natural gemstones are created in a laboratory using the visual, chemical, and physical qualities of a natural stone. Synthetic gemstones are made in a laboratory using a natural stone’s visual, chemical, and physical attributes. Synthetic gemstones often seem flawless as a result of treatments, attracting people who want perfection. Imitations are stimulants that have no characteristics in common with real gemstones. They are of the lowest grade, yet they might appear genuine at times. So, once again, determine the quality of your gemstone and be wary of imitations.
  3. Look for the quality of the check- Remember that every cut matter. The cut of a gemstone determines its beauty and brightness. So what would be a good place to start? First, take note of the cut proportion; it should reflect light evenly, with no dark patches or ‘windowing.' The brightness of a gemstone is reduced when improperly proportioned because light passes directly through it.
  4. Treatment is done on the stone- This is a crucial question to pose to your gemstone source. Enhanced gemstones require specific maintenance and cleaning procedures, and understanding this ahead of time might help you do what you need to do. Inquire with the jeweller about "has this sapphire been oiled?" and "has this emerald had any diffusion treatment?" We promise that bringing home a gemstone that you are familiar with is well worth the effort.
  5. Understand the colour of the gemstone- The gemstone colour implies that you should examine the gemstone's colour under a range of lighting. Why are you doing this? Keep in mind that the intensity of light changes throughout the day. A high-quality coloured stone, on the other hand, must look well in all lighting conditions.
  6. Do some comparison shopping- Rather than settling for your initial pick, it's better to take your time and look about for a gemstone. The London market alone offers a growing number of jewels to examine and compare. Unlike diamonds, businesses selling the finest coloured gemstones online are evenly spread around the country, with no central marketing structure. Moreover, because grading and price are far more subjective, shopping around may truly pay off.

A checklist to consider when buying the finest coloured gemstones online

  1. Check the return policy of the vendor. Make sure you only purchase a gemstone from a retailer with a favourable return policy.
  2. Listen up: the colour you see on your computer screen might not be the same as the colour of the gemstone. This might be due to the monitor's manufacturer's colour settings or the brightness levels you've selected from the start. It's also possible that the vendor has enhanced the gemstone’s colour or saturation.
  3. The vendor should give you the most relevant information about the gemstone, such as its carat, cut, clarity, and colour. The gemstone laboratory certificate might improve the stone's legitimacy; it's advisable to keep an eye out for it.
  4. We cannot emphasis this enough - it is, without a doubt, the most crucial thing to consider when purchasing a gemstone online. What people are saying about the shop as a whole might indicate a lot. Take a look at what others have to say about the seller's services, gemstone quality, payment, and delivery. If at all feasible, contact these consumers. You could discover that searching the store's name online is a better way to learn about their business ties and social media profiles.

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finest color gemstones online

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5 most valuable Finest Color Gemstone Online For Sale at Iris Gems 

Gemstones are popularly know for their properities, beauty and value. People all around the world has appreciated them through out the history. Colored gemstones are sourced from all over the world, but now a days you can shop finest color gemstone online at Iris Gems. 


Tanzanite gemstone is the highest rated gemstone, it was discovered in 1967. It is heavily sourced from Tanzania. This gem features a deep blue-violet hue that is distinct from one of the sapphires.
Price-$ 1,200 Per Carat

Black Opal

Black Opals are the most desired gems in the world. As its name suggests this stone features a dark body which provides the perfect backdrop for the extraordinary play of colours.

The "Royal One" is the most precious black opal in the world, valued at $3 million.
Price - $9,500 per carat

Red Beryl

This is the third-highest most valuable gemstone, Red Beryl exhibit a few different shades of a darker red colour. This Red Beryl is one of the rarest in the beryl family and is sometimes referred to as the "red emerald".

Similar to emeralds, red beryls also often feature inclusions and fractures.

Price - $10,000 per carat.


Emeralds gems are counted among some of the most popular gems in the world. Emeralds are basically known for their exotic green tones.

Brazil, Colombia, Zimbabwe and Zambia are the major source of Emerald.

Price - $305,000 per carat.


King of Gemstones- ruby gemstones range from pink all the way to a darker red. This gemstone is a symbol of passion and zest for life. This gemstone price makes it one of the most important gems in the coloured stone market.

Price - $ 1.18 million per carat

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Iris Gems 7 Affordable Yellow finest colour gemstones online available for sale that are Ideal for Everyday Wear

Well, You might not be aware of this fact but gemstone lovers are- Pure Yellow hue stones are the most valuable stones, but secondary hues as well. For yellow hues, stones-secondary hues are brown, orange and green.

If you are looking for yellow gemstones for jewellery purposes, engagement rings, then Iris Gems is the right place to shop from. Let's look one by one for the finest colour gemstones online available for sale.


Citrine or Lemon Quartz

Citrine is one of the most popular gemstones- it is also known as the modern November birthstone. This quartz comes in a variety of colours-yellow-orange or brown. This gemstone is found in a plethora amount which makes it an inexpensive option for stone lovers. Its quality makes it durable.

However, sometimes treatment such as - heating can turn this smoky quartz into a vibrant shade of yellow-orange, and a combination of irradiation & heat treatment can turn colourless quartz into bright lemon quartz.

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Sapphire- When we name sapphire, most people associate this quartz with blue but sapphires can be any colour except red. 

Yellow sapphires are the most affordable sapphires as compared to blue and pink sapphires. Sapphires elegant colours makes them attractive gems. Further, the Composition of the Iron component imparts these lovely yellow hues, and heat treatment/irradiation enhance its colour further. 


Garnet - Garnet is also counted among one of the most fantastic yellow gemstones after citrine & sapphires. It's is popularly known by January birthstone and reddish-brown gemstone. Garnet comes in almost any colour of the rainbow. 


Tourmaline -This natural gem occurs in multiple colours, but yellow hues in this gemstone are very rare, which makes it a highly valued gemstone and thus often sold at high prices. 

A bi-coloured tourmaline with yellow hues is a real rarity.


Danburite- This type of quartz is primarily a collectors gemstone that is often referred to as an excellent choice for jewellery making. However, Danburite is colourless like quartz but can also be either found in pale yellow to yellowish-brown.

Golden Beryl & HeliodorThis gemstone is an emerald less famous sibling. Because this type of gemstone is both varieties of the mineral and some stone dealers market heliodor as "yellow emerald". 

Golden Beryl are sometimes undergo radiation treatment to improve their colour.


Prasiolite & Green Amethyst- Prasiolite is produced by heating amethyst. This heating process changes the colour of amethyst from purple to yellowish-green or green.

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When looking for your next gemstone investment, it pays to be as informed as possible. So a natural stone’s examine our recommendations and keep them in mind. This will help you buy the finest colour gemstones online.


What are the nine most precious stones?

The number nine denotes a combination of 9 gems such as (Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, Red Coral, Pearl and Diamond) all of these can be worn in a single ornament.

Why is buying the finest color gemstones online feasible?

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