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White Topaz is a colourless type of topaz that is regularly contrasted and Diamond for its comparative actual components and shine. In its purest structure, topaz is practically transparent; however, the final colour is determined by the various impurities present in the mineral.

It has not many impurities that make it colourless, transparent, or white, henceforth the name White Topaz. Otherwise called Clear Topaz or Silver Topaz, the White Topaz stone is significantly sourced from the Brazilian mines.

White Topaz Properties

White topaz hardness: 8 (Mohs scale)

White topaz refractive index: 1.61- 1.63

White topaz density: 3.5- 3.6

Diaphaneity: Transparent

Meaning of White Topaz

White Topaz is recognized as the birthstone for individuals born in April. It is additionally accepted that the White Topaz gemstone is exceptionally advantageous for somebody with Aries and Taurus zodiac signs. It encourages the individual to stay on the proper path and improves the decision-making abilities of an individual. Moreover, the colour of White Topaz is the shade of opportunity and trust; hence, it can build self-confidence.


White topaz consists of a lot of beneficial properties as it is one of the most beloved stones.

Health benefits:

White Topaz is advantageous for different health problems related to the skin and gives strength to nails and hair. It is accepted that this gemstone strengthens the individual to beat eating problems, particularly anorexia. In addition, it is known to be a healer of different eye illnesses and obscurity of vision. Other medical advantages of White Topaz include quicker healing of wounds and skin eruptions, nosebleeds, and mental illness.

Spiritual Benefits:

The Crown chakra associates the wearer to the divine power and further develops decisions making. Consequently, any blockage or imbalanced Crown Chakra can influence the choices of a person. The White Topaz can excite the Crown Chakra, keeping the individual on the correct path by preventing blockage in the middle. It additionally acquires harmony and serenity in one's life and can be utilized to sharpen psychic and instinct capacities.

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Emotional Benefits:

The White Topaz is significantly known to initiate self-confidence in the wearer that forestalls any form of fear, negativity, or doubt. The energy of this gemstone advances forgiveness and truthfulness and can bring love, joy, and abundance to an individual's life. It likewise helps people with exploring their imaginative side and different abilities.

Professional Benefits:

A White Topaz offers an individual to analyze each circumstance to track down the ideal choice without fail. Moreover, it helps open communication channels between the wearer and different colleagues that assist with making an enduring professional relationship. Thus, individuals from the singing industry, art, fashion, acting, and other such inventive industries are profoundly benefited by wearing White Topaz.

Quality and Price - White Topaz Quality


Known as a short stone, White Topaz can contain not many or perhaps more incorporations that seriously influence its tone and worth. Because of its style, the gemstone has substantial similarity to Diamond and consequently, it is generally utilized as a substitute for Diamond. While wearing the White Topaz as a Diamond elective, remember to pick a dismal White Topaz gemstone in a perfect world for a final genuine Diamond appearance.


Depending upon the purchasers' preferences, the White Topaz gemstone can be cut in any size and shape. It is normally given a round cut when it is picked as a Diamond substitute. The other different cuts liked for this excellent dry gemstone are square, pear, heart, and octagon cut. It should not be cut too deep when utilized in a jewellery piece, so the gemstone's beauty doesn't stay hidden away when set on. The White Topaz stone with basic cuts might cost less; however, comparative stones with more detailed shapes and cuts will hold a higher worth.


Actually, like numerous gemstones, White Topaz can likewise contain inclusions like spots, lines, crystals, and significantly more trapped inside the gemstone at the hour of formation. 

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Carat Weight:

The carat weight is a significant factor that influences the nature of White Topaz as the bigger stones hold more weight and, in this manner, a higher value. The carat weight increases the value, yet consistently remember that the flaws will be apparent as the stone size increments. The quality of this gemstone will diminish if there are visible considerations. Continuously make sure to pick a smaller White Topaz gemstone for a Diamond substitute as bigger White Topaz doesn't sparkle and resemble a Diamond.

White Topaz Price

The cost of the White Topaz gemstone changes, relying upon the carat, cut, clarity, and colour. For example, at Iris Gems, you can get White Topaz cost per carat, beginning from INR 300 ($4.10) to INR 400 ($5.10) or considerably more.

White Topaz Buyer Beware Guidelines

White Topaz has grown one of the most popular gemstones because of its popularity as a diamond substitute. This way, imitations of this gemstone are circulating in the gemstone market. Fake White Topaz gemstones are warmed to eliminate their colour to make them all the more genuine. Unfortunately, the imitations are done so that it turns out to be very hard for the purchaser to call attention to any differences. These fake gemstones don't keep up with the quality norms of a genuine White Topaz, and consequently, one should not invest in these fake gemstones. If the purchaser doesn't know about how to separate between a genuine and fake White Topaz gemstone, then, at that point, they should consistently request a report from a presumed Gemological Laboratory or an endorsement that demonstrates that the White Topaz gemstone is authentic. To recognize the authenticity of the White Topaz, the client can cross-check the report number on the Gem Lab testament from the Gem Lab site or the organization lab. If both the report numbers are similar, it is a genuine White Topaz gemstone certification.


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White Topaz Jewellery

White Topaz is broadly used in making ornaments, and because of its Diamond-like look, it is worn as a substitute for Diamond gems. Therefore, a piece of White Topaz Jewelry is an unquestionable requirement in your adornments assortment as it makes an individual look considerably really attractive and charming. 

Cleaning and Care 

White Topaz consists of a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale yet, and still, it should be utilized with care at the end of the day. First, forestall any scratches on the outer layer of the gemstone by getting it far from any sharp item. Then, typical cleaning with a gentle cleanser is suggested, and afterwards, wipe it with a dry fabric.