Call of the Blue - 5 Gemstone Jewelry for Your Wedding

Gemstone jewelry is becoming increasingly popular because of its distinctive style, enormous size, and lower cost. We have found the perfect gemstone jewelry for your wedding. When it comes to rings, all gemstones, however, are not suitable for use as the centre stone of an engagement ring due to their varying hardness. Knowing which diamonds can withstand the wear and tear of your life together and which gemstones are more susceptible to breaking is essential.

A non-diamond centre stone is the distinguishing feature of a gemstone jewelry. The classic solitaire, halo or three-stone engagement ring is often used to carry a less traditional centre stone in rings, however some couples choose for less traditional engagement rings. Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby are some of the most popular gemstones available for purchase today. Aquamarine, Morganite, Tanzanite, Opal, and Amethyst engagement rings are all becoming more fashionable. While some of these stones can withstand regular usage, others aren't as durable and might not be the ideal choice as gemstone jewelry for your wedding.

Are they durable?

A few gemstones are  while others aren't and you should stay away from such gemstone jewelry for your wedding. "Diamond is everlasting" is a phrase you'll hear a lot since diamonds have a Mohs Hardness Scale rating of 10/10. As a result, diamond is the world's hardest substance. The only thing that can damage a diamond is another diamond itself. The hardness of non-diamond gemstones pales in comparison to diamonds. The windshield of your automobile, the screen of your iPhone, or even the table you're sitting at right now aren't that strong either. 

1. Blue Sapphire Rings

One of the first things that comes to mind while contemplating a nuptial is the engagement ring or wedding band. The brilliance of a blue sapphire, whether it's set in white gold or platinum, never ceases to astound us and is the perfect gemstone jewelry for your wedding. Whether you choose a blue sapphire ring as a solitaire or with diamonds, the choice is yours.

There are a wide variety of wedding rings to pick from, so everyone can find something they love. It's up to you whether or not you want to match your outfits or wear something complementary. In addition, males who aren't used to wearing jewellery, minimalist sapphire rings look great on any man.

2. Aquamarine 

Women enjoy having a cohesive jewellery collection. When it comes to choosing gemstone jewelry for your wedding, this is a crucial consideration to keep in mind. In this case, you might prefer a blue stone that isn't sapphire, but is still in keeping with contemporary fashions. Aquamarine has become popular all over the world because of its brilliant blue hue and big size.

Mermaids' treasures are thought to have been the source of aquamarine, which has long been associated with wealth and good fortune. 

3. Bands

In recent decades, eternity bands have become increasingly popular as an alternative to the traditional wedding band. They represent a couple's eternal love and devotion to one another.

Because of their baroque style, Eternity bands have become one of the most popular choices. As a result, they are less vulnerable to being entangled in clothing or other objects. If you're looking for "partner style" jewellery, eternity bands are your best bet. Eternity band with stones is the perfect gemstone jewelry for your wedding.

4. Bracelet 

In spite of their common underappreciation, bracelets are a priceless keepsake from your wedding day. Bracelets have been around for a very long time. Ivory bracelets were once considered a symbol of wealth and social prestige. Today, we have heightened awareness of our interconnectedness with the natural world and each other. More fascinating possibilities are available as well.

From engagement parties to weddings, there is a bracelet that fits the bill. Gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, and other metals can be used to make wedding bracelets. Choosing a bracelet that complements your ring is the best way to go. Adding a dash of blue to your favourite gemstone makes it the perfect gemstone jewelry for your wedding

5. Earrings

Topaz has a Mohs hardness rating of 8 out of 10, making it an excellent choice for stud earrings. It is a sign of power and prosperity. Topaz is most commonly found in blue, however it may also be found in other colours like colourless, pink, yellow, and peach in nature. Blue Topaz is a terrific choice for couples that are looking for a dramatic design. 

Gemstone engagement rings are popular for a variety of reasons. Color is a way for some people to express themselves. The symbolism of a dark blue sapphire engagement ring is strong. Colorful oranges and pinks, as well as cool, crisp greens, are popular among couples. Those gems are alive and they make the ideal gemstone jewelry for your wedding! 


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