Certified Black Tourmaline and Selenite : Difference and Comparison

In the Tourmaline family, black Tourmaline is the most prevalent crystal colour. Tourmalines are crystals that grow in the fissures and veins of other rocks, most commonly igneous and metamorphic rocks.


Tourmaline's Physical Consistency

Certified black tourmaline are silicate minerals that come in a broader range of hues than any other crystal kind. On the other hand, black is the most prevalent colour. The hydrothermal process results in the formation of these crystals when hot water, steam, and lava interact with other sediments required to create a crystal.

The structure of tourmalines varies widely, resulting in a wide range of colours. Tourmalines are highly precious, with some cavities worth millions of dollars. Because tourmalines are commonly mistaken for "accessory minerals," finding them can be tricky. Tourmalines form inside other minerals, such as granite, resulting from this.

It is a deep black gemstone with a glassy appearance. It's opaque, yet with a tiny sparkle to it. The cleavage of each Tourmaline is vague, which means it does not break into predictable patterns like other crystals.

But the crystal can protect against radiation and environmental contaminants that have made it so popular in recent years. Furthermore, certified black Tourmaline transforms negative ideas into positive ones by neutralising them.

Black Tourmaline can be kept in the bedroom or even beneath the pillow to aid in dreaming. A few people also keep one in their cars to protect them while driving. Tourmaline should be kept near electronics and computers since it also absorbs electromagnetic waves. One of the most effective ways to clean black Tourmaline is to soak it in salt water overnight, wash it and expose it to sunlight once a month.

Certified Black Tourmaline acts as a spiritual protector for all other crystals. It protects you against negativity and spiritual fog, which can clog your aura and make you feel emotionally and spiritually depleted. Certified Black Tourmaline can also help you stay grounded by cleansing and purifying your thoughts, so they are no longer negative but neutral.

Selenite is thought to have strong healing properties in many cultures throughout history. One of the most significant crystals in an energy worker's toolkit, according to some, is selenite. Selenite is claimed to cleanse bad energies from your surroundings as well as carry powerful energy that can provide protection and boost well-being. Selenite has both metaphysical and therapeutic effects.


Selenite is gypsum crystallised into a translucent, multifaceted stone. It is generated when sulphate and calcium-rich seawater evaporates and has a hardness of 2 on the Mohs scale.

Although there is no scientific proof to back this up, many people believe selenite is a powerful healer with various advantages.

However, there is evidence that selenium - the trace element form of selenite - provides a variety of benefits related to health. A trace element is a chemical element originating in trace amounts in living organisms.

Selenite, a high-vibration stone, purifies and cleanses the air around it energetically. It also brings a deep serenity and tranquillity to all who come into contact with its energy field, calming and soothing them. Unlike other crystals, selenite is supposed to cleanse itself on its own, using specially prepared aura sprays, sunlight, or charging through the water.

It is an admirable stone to use in the living room and bedroom to promote positive vibrations. On the other hand, Selenite can be charged in the moonlight even if it isn't a full moon. Additionally, because selenite is a delicate crystal, it should not be exposed to water.

Another fascinating truth about selenite is that it can be used to purify the negative energy that our jewellery and gemstones collect by just placing it on them or wrapping them in it for four to six hours. The jewellery pieces and stones will be cleansed of all negative and blocked energy.

Selenite is a potent therapeutic crystal that promotes mental clarity, tranquillity, and quiet. as well as happiness and health. Some people believe this crystal can help you connect to higher worlds and dispel negative energy. The metaphysical or therapeutic abilities of crystals are unsupported by evidence. However, using them in rituals and meditation techniques and wearing them as jewellery may bring you personal benefits.