How can I tell if a jeweller has swapped the precious stone?

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When it comes to buying birth stones or custom cut gems for jewellery making, whether it's for an anniversary or for an engagement, how can you avoid getting swindled and make sure you get what you paid for?

Your jewellery needs routine cleaning or maintenance checks, which can be performed by a local store. How can you assure that your birth stones or other precious stones are safe in the salesperson's hands?

Leaving stones unattended 

A dishonest salesperson or a jeweller without safety safeguards may often exchange precious birth tones or custom cut gems for jewellery making. 

Did you know that swapping out a high-value diamond in the same amount of time it takes to complete a simple cleaning regimen is faster than one would think? Because they're difficult to tell apart from actual diamonds, it's common to utilise cubic zirconia stones instead. The best frauds are so sophisticated that victims often do not notice anything for years. The damage has already been done and no one will believe your lies if you try to blame us after it's done! The jeweller could claim innocence and shift the blame to you even if you walked out of the store without making sure you got the right change or making sure you got the exact ring size you needed.

The classic trick 

Jewellers who try to trick customers into buying precious birth stones or custom cut gems for jewellery making that isn't what they expect frequently rely on a common scheme known as the bait and switch. The jeweller would try to make you believe that the lovely custom cut gems for jewellery making that you saw were the stones you are going to get. Once you've made up your mind, they use your money to get a cheaper ring.

When you have chosen a loose diamond or other birth stones, you can change it quickly, right in the shop, in order to have it set. For instance, it is quite possible that the jeweller may need to work on the stone over a long period of time, and it may be necessary for you to leave it in their care overnight or for many days.

It is easier for dishonest jewellers to replace the stone, given more time to work with it.

An honest mistake

When you own a shop, you can't expect everything to go perfectly every time. This is especially true for small jewellery items like birth stones or cust cut gems for jewellery making that are handled frequently. A common approach to avoid such problems in a jeweller’s shop is to always have them print a receipt showing that they've received your diamond.

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This starts with the jeweller carefully documenting where and what kind of inclusions are in the jewel on a sheet of paper. A copy of the plan is made and then kept by you and the jeweller for later use. You return for your finished product.

If the individual in charge refuses to complete the design work or bear responsibility for the ring, choose a different jeweller who is willing to serve you. You shouldn't take undue chances with your valuables.

Buying in a physical store

It's simple to research a jeweller’s reputation using the internet, and we live in an age where such technology is easy to find.

This is the first thing you should do. If prior customers have complained about fraud or other shady business practices, you can probably find documentation of it on websites like the Better Business Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission.

Jewellers should make grading reports and other services, such as verifying the birth stones or custom cut gems for jewellery making, available for their customers. You can tell there's something wrong if they refuse to do it or offer excuses.

Also, you should be cautious of any companies that want cash upfront with no written agreements. It is recommended that you avoid such dangers, as it is hard to follow cash payments. Rather than accepting cash, you should think about using a credit card as a payment method. This option leaves a paper trail and has some degree of consumer protection.

To better understand precious birth stones, it's important to learn about their properties

Did you know that the process of grading and estimating the worth of a diamond or other precious birt stones could take as long as a few hours, depending on the experience and the features of the jewellery? If they have such an extensive assessment system, you should have one too.

When you need to have your custom cut gems for jewellery making or other stones cleaned or sized, consider looking at it with a loupe. Inspect your stone for signs of exclusive characteristics like special design elements or engravings.

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Note this, and ensure that the other side reconfirms the details that you had seen beforehand, before proceeding to come to an agreement. They will know you're paying attention to everything, and will so be cautious about misbehaving.

Let the other party know whether the birth stones have laser engraving. The general public can employ this method to recognise birth stones or custom cut gems for jewellery making with relative ease.

Before taking your jewellery home, check for everything you ordered while picking it up. If something seems suspicious, it is essential to raise a dispute at once.

It is wise to be careful

Even though you think diamond or other birth stones flipping scams happen often, the reality is that they don't happen as often as you may expect. Jewellers do make mistakes, but only those that have poor judgement in their choice of whom to trust will be affected.

It's best if you remember these recommendations when you buy jewellery or take it in for a cleaning or other repairs. In the event of a dispute, having correct paperwork will assist you to avoid unneeded problems.

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