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Gubelin Certified Gemstones

The Gubelin Gemstone Rating assesses the quality, rarity, and salience of a specific gemstone and decodes these attributes into a simple number or a score representation: the Gubelin Points. It offers a meaningful orientation for privates and the professionals who wish to get a detailed and comprehensive ranking for their gemstones, particularly for the trade and the consumers who are becoming more digital and can't physically see and touch the gems.

There is no common language so far to describe the critical characteristics of communicating beauty, quality, or rarity to consistently buy Gubelin Certified Gemstones Online. The Gubelin Points intend to provide comparability and direction by reducing the complexity inherent to the color of the gemstones.

The Gubelin Gemstone Rating can be applied to the major types of high-value colored gemstones. The rating procedure checks different characteristics of the gemstone that contribute to its beauty, rarity, and attractiveness. Based on these characteristics, the gemstones are classified into their rates accordingly. This helps people buy Gubelin Certified Gemstones Online effectively.


What is Gubelin Rating Laboratory?

Gubelin Gemstone lab was founded in the year 1923, at that time was a small gem laboratory to examine the authenticity of stones used in Gubelin Jewellery.

This was the way to maintain trust between buyers and sellers. Since then Gubelin Gemmolgical lab has become one of the most trusted labs in the world. Gubelin lab provides highly authentic reports with quality of standards. Now if your gems are gubelin certified then you can confidently purchase certified gemstones online

What are some main Gubelin Gemstone Rating aspects?

The Gubelin Gemstone Rating comprises mainly three domains: quality, rarity, and salience.

  • Quality is the central part and covers the main visual characteristics of the gemstone, consisting of color, clarity, and transparency along with cut and the perfection.
  • Rarity considers the relative availability of this specific type of gemstone in the market. It includes the gemstone variety, size, absence, presence, and also severity of treatment.
  • Salience addresses the level of exceptionality and the attractiveness of a gem beyond the objective characteristics within the quality category. It is best seen as the gem's capability to stick out of the crowd.

The assessed characteristics get an overall rating on the scale of 75 to 100 Gubelin Points. It is important to understand that the rating system is not fully exhaustive and does not include every parameter that influences the commercial value. Hence, the Gubelin Gemstone Rating is not suitable to directly reduce buying or selling prices thus sometimes making it inconvenient to buy Gubelin Certified Gemstones Online.


Why should you buy Gubelin Certified Gemstones Online?

Traditionally, the interpretation and explanation of the quality, beauty, and rarity were with the trader or the jeweler. Beauty is an essential aspect of colored gemstones and one central characteristic to define them. Generally, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and no one can tell you what you consider beautiful. But like beauty, and even more so quality, it is also a powerful lever of value and price, the standard and the professional definition following a certain set of logic and rules.

Gem labs have essentially focused on the aspects based on some scientific, analytical methods, concentrating on the material properties of the gems. Traditionally, gem labs master these science-based high potential technologies and have permanently pushed their use to novel applications. Our understanding of latest technologies has also enabled us to tackle new challenges, such as bringing transparency in the supply chain of gemstones. 


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What is the procedure of Gubelin Certification of gems?

Trained and experienced experts conduct the rating following standardized procedures. However, it is like any such rating to contain subjectivity and vagueness leading to limited repeatability of the result. Also, specific parameters shift and drift over time and demand to adjust rating parameters like the rarity from time to time. 

It is crucial to understand that the rating system is not fully exhaustive and does not include all parameters that affect the commercial value. Hence, the Gubelin Gemstone Rating is not suitable to directly deduce buying or selling prices.


What are the limitations of the Gubelin gemstone rating

If the Gems Rating is requested as a stand alone service, i.e., in the absence of a Gubelin Gemological Report, the identity, treatment status, and possible trade color phenomenon are determined only utilizing microscopic analysis. This reduced and shortened level of study does not provide the level of certainty comparable to what is undertaken while testing a stone for a Gubelin Gemological Report. Consequently, the identity, treatment status, phenomenon, and trade color of a specific gemstone might change when undergoing complete testing, which would also imply a different result in the Gemstone Rating. This limitation sometimes doesn't let the consumer buy Gubelin Certified Gemstones Online

Why was the Gubelin gemstone rating launched?

There was no comprehensive and rating system for colored gems in place. Especially consumers, but even the trade is looking for orientation into the complex world of colored gemstones. With our many years of experience in seeing the world's best gems, the designers have a very robust base to launch such a system. The gemological laboratories of today's ahe has the credibility and the independence to offer the Gubelin rating service. Gubelin rating service is open to the entire gem and jewelry industry. A rating makes it easier to select the suitable stone in a more digital world and allows a better comparison without having the gem in front. That helps the trade and the consumer buy Gubelin Certified Gemstones Online.

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Our Resources & Capabilities

We have worked diligently to enhance our resources & capabilities. Some of them are listed below.

  • Easy access to stones because of our international network of suppliers and the trust we have built over decades.
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  • Our stones are perfectly calibrated, have precise facets, and set easily in your jewelry.
  • Certifications from Gubelin of gems are available to buy Gubelin Certified Gemstones Online 

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Coloured gemstones have re-emerged as a top choice for gemstone lovers, modern brides. Today, every second celeb have chosen precious gemstones for more unique and personal reasons.

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Ruby Gemstone- Ruby is one of the most valuable and expensive gemstones. It is one of the gems which will last forever. Its excellent hardness and coveted properties make it so special among other gems.

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Emerald Gemstone- Emeralds are among one of the four globally recognized precious gems. Certified and high-quality emeralds are lats for years are valued more than diamonds.

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Apart from their beauty emeralds are also purchased guard against memory loss and to enhance intuition.

Tanzanite Gemstone- Like Emeralds, Tanzanites are also a thousand times rarer than diamonds and counterpart gemstones.

It's a brilliant hue of violet, and blue makes tanzanites worthy to rival blue sapphires.

At Iris Gems, you can find tanzanites similar to emerald shape with good quality and in different sizes and carats.

Sapphire Gemstones- Sapphires are readily available in every shape and size at reasonable prices. Diamonds prices keep on floating in the market but sapphires are more affordable and rarer than diamonds.

However, buying sapphire is an investment as its price never depreciates and in recent years, sapphires are quickly rising in value.


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How to Select an Online Gemstone Dealer to Buy Certified Gemstones Online?

One of the most important things to consider when buying a gemstone online is to check the stone from all aspects before ordering or purchasing it. 

For example, a gemstone clarity does not necessarily tell you how visible its flaws are likely to be in different circumstances. 

That is why we recommend you to look for dealers that show real and high-quality pictures or videos of stones. 

Not all online stores allow you to take a good look at stones sold, though. 

Iris Gems is a Toronto based wholesale gemstone dealer that only deals in high-quality gemstones. 

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Iris Gems Top Seller fancy cut certified gemstones online

Gemstones are available in many different cuts and shapes and it is one of the most important things people look at when buying or deciding to buy a specific cut gemstone.

Let's explore Iris Gems some of the most popular and top seller fancy cut certified gemstones online- here is a list of Iris Gems popular fancy cuts and shapes precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Oval-Cut- Iris Gems oval cut shaped Aquamarine gemstones are perfect for weddings and engagements. These gemstones elongated shape creates an illusion of a larger stone and will make your finger's look long and delicate.

Pear-Cut - This cut gemstone is highly prefered for an engagement ring for two reasons. First Pear-shaped reflect light beautifully which makes the gemstone shine like a diamond and secondary pear cut faceted structure brings sparkle to the stone and make your shine to feel like a queen.

Trillion Cut- These shaped gemstones come in triangular shapes and with round edges. It is one of the best types of cut where brilliance and colour are maximized.

Iris Gems Pink Sapphire Fancy shaped gemstone is one of the best seller gemstones. We import most of our collection from different parts of the world. This gemstone is specifically imported from Sri Lanka and its light pink colour brilliance is so astounding.


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Engagement rings are personal purchases made during marriage or courtship. Selecting a gemstone for the ring is a process that should never be rushed. Ideally, the buyer should allow plenty and time in purchasing the perfect gemstone of his/his choice. 

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Ruby: A ruby is a stunning and durable gemstone for those specifically looking for engagement ring options. 

Sapphire: With a Mohs scale hardness of 9, this gemstone is the world's favourite gem and makes it a superb ring choice. And like rubies, sapphires, tanzanite is highly durable.

Tanzanite: Tanzanite is a stone for new beginnings, and for occasions like Engagement, it is perfect to go with Tanzanite rings. Due to its favourable properties, it is one of the most sought gemstones. 

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Some FAQ's

If you're looking to buy certified gemstones online, thus make sure to buy Gubelin rated gemstones only. Its rating procedure assesses different characteristics of the gemstone such as rarety, beauty, and attractiveness of a gem.

Why has gubelin launched a gemstone grading system?
There is no comprehensive way to understand the rating system for precious gemstones. Both consumers and traders are looking for an easy way to get credibility for gems.

Gubelin rating services are open for the entire world. In the 21st century, such a rating system makes it easier to select the right stone and allows comparison with different stones without even having the gem in front. That helps both the traders and customers pick the perfect gem. 

What is special about Gubeling Gemstone Rating?
Gubelin rating system is simple. All the key aspects are boiled down to one figure. Such an easy-to-understand rating system is designed to keep customers the focus so that they can understand the report with minimum hassles and compare the gems on the spot.

Is the rating only available with Gubelin Gemological Report?
Rating is also available without a report Gubelin. However, gubelin certified report has the best in the class overall assessment, which satisfies the mind peace of consumers. 

Which certified gemstone is best?

Gemological Institute of America's (GIA) certified gemstones are highly regarded, as GIA is the most trusted and largest gemological lab. 

Apart from gemstones, GIA's diamond grading standards are also acceptable Internationally. To buy high quality certified gemstone visit us

What is GIA Certified Gemstones?

GIA is the name of the laboratory. Gemological Institute of America give a rating or evaluates gemstones on the basis of their colour, cut, clarity, weight and shape.

This lab performs a thorough analysis and identifies whether the gemstones is natural, treated or synthetic. In a nutshell, the GIA certification is the proof of the authenticity and quality of the gem.

In order to make a safe purchase Its a highly advisible to customers or dealers to buy GIA Certified Gemstones only. 

What is SSEF Certification?
SSEF is a non-profit organization founded by the Swiss Foundation, its aim is to further gemstone testing and gemmological training.

This organization provides gems testing and is one of the leading gem (precious gemstones) testing labs in the world.

What are SSEF certified gemstones?
Precious stones are tested by the SSEF lab. SSEF tests these stones on various factors such as colour, shape, size, origin and more.

What significant difference to look for when buy certified gemstone?

Certified gemstones are polished and preciously cut gemstones and have been examined and approved by gemologists GIA lab.

These gems carry different characteristics, which are all recorded at the time of grading or certification.

The four c's, gemstones source of origin, report number, and gemstone measurements are specified in the grading report.

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Is it safe to buy ssef certified gemstones online?
Yes, nowadays people buying behaviour has changed a lot and they prefer to buy online. But before buying online make sure to ask for terms and conditions of the gem, return policy, the origin of the gemstone and more.

Once you get answers to all of these questions you may proceed to buy ssef certified gemstones online make the purchase.

Where to buy certified gemstones online?

In order to buy certified gemstone online, shop from the most trusted sellers or jewellers. Iris Gems is one of the most trusted wholesale gemstone dealers selling gems across multiple countries.

If you will shop from here, you will get certified gemstones at reasonable prices with GIA, SSEF etc certifications.

In terms of return, it also allows a 30-day return policy in case if you have any doubt or are a bit dissatisfied with your purchase.

Where to buy ssef certified gemstones online?

When you choose to buy ssef certified gemstones online make sure to do proper research of the seller or dealer such as years of business, customer feedback/ reviews, these are just the small thing to check but will make you confident in buying ssef certified gemstones online.

How much does it cost to certify a gemstone before consumers buy certified gemstone?

Answers- The cost of certification depends on carat weight. The more the carat weight higher will it cost to certify a gemstone.

Which is better to certify the gemstone GIA or IGI?

Answer- GIA certifies the gems with high standards as compared to IGI- which has looser grading standards.

For eg- suppose two diamonds having the same weight, colour, size, clarity- and GIA certified gemstone would be more expensive than an IGI gemstone. Thus consumers pay attention to buy certified gemstone from GIA.