A Guide to Anniversary Gemstones and Jewelry

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Each anniversary can be commemorated with a gift of gemstones and jewellery. This advice can point you on the proper path when it comes to purchasing for your special anniversary.

You've undoubtedly heard of the silver and gold anniversaries, which celebrate the big ones of 25 and 50 years, but each year has its metal or gemstone associated with it. This makes anniversary shopping not only simple but also enjoyable.

After all, practically every wedding begins with an engagement ring and wedding bands — gemstones and jewellery is a natural anniversary present.

Gold for the first anniversary

The first year anniversary is the sweetest because the pair is most likely still on their honeymoon, and everything is fine in their world. However, establishing a life together may not leave you with a lot of extra cash. For a woman, a simple gold necklace or bracelet, perhaps beginning a tradition with a charm bracelet that you can add to with the trademark jewel for future anniversaries or other significant occasions in your life together. A gold necklace, ring, or cufflinks for him garnet for the second anniversary. 

2nd anniversary: garnet

Though garnet comes in various colours, including yellow, green (called tsavorite), and pink, red is the most common. Red garnet, often known as rhodolite garnet, is the most common garnet used in jewellery.


It's a hard stone that may be utilised in various jewellery pieces, including rings, earrings, and pendants. When set in white metal, such as white gold or platinum, red garnet really pops.

Pearls on the third anniversary

Natural or cultivated pearls as gemstones and jewellery gifts are a great idea. Natural pearls are far more expensive than cultivated pearls, but that is about the only difference – both are gorgeous, luminous products of nature that grow in the same way as natural pearls do. Both are created by an invader implanting itself in a mollusc, such as an oyster or mussel, such as sand or a tiny pebble (natural) or a bead or seed pearl (cultured). If it turns into a pearl in natural pearls, it's just luck.

Gemstones and Jewelry

The pearl farmer inserts the irritant, and the pearl grows around it. Other than white, all pearls are available in various colours, including pink, blue, green, golden, grey, and black. Pearl jewellery can take the form of a matched string, a necklace pendant, earrings, or a ring. Just remember that pearls are more delicate than other materials, so a ring should only be worn for formal events where there's a low danger of accidentally slamming it into something. For males, anything inlaid with mother-of-pearl is a beautiful anniversary gift.

Blue topaz for the 4th anniversary

Topaz comes in a variety of colours and tints, with blue topaz being the most unusual. Diffusion, a permanent treatment involving heating with a coating of an element like beryllium, transforms today's colourless topaz luminous blue. The treatment is indefinite. Irradiation and heating produce deeper blues, known as "London blue" and "Swiss blue," and the therapy is permanent.

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The many colours of blue topaz look stunning in several gemstones and jewellery forms, from earrings and pendants to bracelets and rings. Blue topaz as gemstones and jewellery has long been connected with love and affection, making it an excellent choice for an anniversary present.

Sapphire is the birthstone for the fifth anniversary.

Sapphire comes in a variety of colours, with blue being the most popular. If blue isn't your thing, white, pink, and violet are also popular choices. Padparadscha sapphire is a pinkish-orange sapphire.

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Sapphire is heat or diffusion treated to achieve the desired colours, and both treatments are permanent. Sapphire is firm and long-lasting that works well in both gemstones and jewellery gifts.

Amethyst gemstones and jewellery for the 6th anniversary

This variety of quartz is commonly thought of as purple, with varied hues appearing more red or blue, although it can also be found in other colours, such as green.


Heat treatment, which is a permanent treatment, may be used to enhance the colours of some stones. Amethyst may be found in a variety of jewellery types.

Onyx celebrates its 7th anniversary.

Onyx is a strong, durable stone popular in men's jewellery and is used for carving. As a result, this anniversary is an excellent time for men to get gemstones and jewellery as a present! A large onyx ring (perhaps with diamond accents) is a terrific way to commemorate the event.


For females, simple onyx stud earrings with white metal produce a sophisticated colour-blocking neutral, while black onyx coupled with white metal creates a stylish colour-blocking neutral.

Tourmaline is the 8th anniversary stone.

Whatever hue you like, tourmaline is certain to have it. Even if you and your partner have opposing tastes, you might be able to combine them in one gem – gemologists call these parti-coloured gems. They are the perfect gift as gemstones and jewellery.


The watermelon tourmaline is a particoloured gem that gets its name from the mix of green and red on its outside and inside, just like watermelon's outside and inside. The colours are created by heating or irradiating tourmaline, and the treatments are considered permanent.

Lapis lazuli, 9th anniversary

Although the cobalt-blue gem isn't the most famous blue stone used in jewellery, it may still be found in some pieces, including PANDORA® charms and jewellery.

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It's also used in the Chinese art of feng shui, which balances positive and negative energies by dealing with the natural and supernatural worlds.

Diamond jewellery for the tenth anniversary

Diamond gemstones and jewellery is terrific idea for a milestone like ten years of marriage!

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This is the ideal time to add a diamond anniversary band to her engagement and wedding rings. Consider a diamond ring for him or, if he wears earrings, a lovely diamond stud