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For many individuals all around the world, gemstones have long been a popular form of decoration or collection. Gemstones have a natural beauty about them that complements every space in the house, and they are manufactured of a variety of materials from all over the world. Every time these materials are used, they provide a distinctive aesthetic, and the jewels are able to tell a tale through their aesthetics. Many people collect gemstones as a hobby or as an aesthetic assistance for those who like to view them, or even to try to collect as many distinct ones as possible depending on geographical location and material.

On the other hand, gemstones are employed for cultural and metaphysical purposes in some civilizations and by some persons. Some people think that gemstones have a natural force or energy that may be harnessed and utilized for a variety of purposes. Gemstones are extremely popular for a variety of reasons, and they may be purchased from a variety of places. However, which gem trader is the greatest at selling high-quality, non-fraudulent gemstones?

Iris Gems - Major gem trader in the USA

Iris Gems has been a family-owned business in Toronto since 1985, providing the highest quality original gemstones. Their innovative company culture has helped them become one of the top gem traders in the United States. With their gemstones, the company is highly experimental, and they've come up with a few different cuts. Their signature cuts have won numerous honours and are pretty popular among customers. They thrive on their insatiable desire for creativity, and as a result, they have been at the forefront of numerous industry developments. As a result, they have earned the reputation of being the greatest gem trader in the United States

You may also order custom-crafted gems from the best lapidarist's around the globe. They offer the finest and most authentically made gemstones from the world's best lapidarist's. Iris Gems is a major gemstone provider in the United States, with the most extensive selection of Precious Stones, Semi-Precious Stones, Pairs & Suites. They come in a variety of sizes, cuts, textures, tints, colours, and saturation levels. All consumers of Iris Gems are entitled to a 30-day refund policy. They realize how vital it is for their clients to have a large assortment of gemstones to pick from. You'll find some hidden treasures in their king-sized set. They've acquired an unrivalled collection of rare, unique, untreated, and certified (Gubelin, SSEF, AGL, GRS, GIA) gemstones throughout the years, establishing itself as one of the country's largest gem trader. Iris can handle huge custom orders with ease. They've always gone out of their way to please their customers by delivering gemstones for their jewellery on time and in perfect shape. To ensure uniformity, they have in-house cutting and gemmologists in Asia. They have the cutting machines and competent employees to cut to a 1/10th of degree precision, providing high quality. They work with single stones, matched pairs, and parcels. They can also handle massive custom-cutting jobs. They have a stable supply and always deliver on schedule. Their gemstones are weighed accurately, have exact facets, and are simple to set up in jewellery. Gubelin, SSEF, GRS, GIA, and AGL certifications are eligible.

One of the best things about Iris gems is its attempt at providing 100 percent customer satisfaction. Another thing is the process to order your desired gemstone is relatively simple. You may just log on to their website, and with a few clicks, you can order your desired, authentic gemstone. And if you are looking to order custom cut gemstone.

The process for the same is as follows

You can easily find the option under the custom cut gems section. Just enter the following information in the "message" box of the contact form, and then we will respond

  • Your desired Stone 
  • Cut
  • Carat weight
  • Sizes
  • Budget and Quality
  • Any Additional Information

Iris Gems is in this business because they're passionate about bringing out the best in every gemstone they work with. As a result, they are one of the top custom cut gem traders in the United States.

Finding original gems dealer is quite expensive and challenging in the US market, but Iris Gems has been counted among one of the most trusted gems dealer. 

Though there are so many gems traders in usa but the only thing is quality which drives to shop for only originals. 

 The gem industry is rife with poorly cut native and commercial stones with incorrect, misaligned angles, terrible patterns, and poor polishing. As a result, finding the right gem trader in the United States is critical. And with Iris Gems, you can be assured that your gemstone is authentic, unique, and the best one you can get on the market.


Iris Gems Best Gems Traders in USA- Shop Certified Ruby Gemstones at 15% Off.

Though ruby gemstone is itself so popular, ruby jewellery is gaining more popularity these days. Due to its colour and consistency, this gemstone is becoming the first choice of GRS certified gemstones online buyers. 

This is such a hard quality gemstone that you wear on a daily basis and, of course, on special occasions. It is one of the gemstones which will last for years and remain the same quality as you have purchased. 

Explore Iris Gems / Gems traders in USA exclusive ruby collection. 

Mozambique Ruby- Iris Gems Mozambique Ruby is one of the top seller gemstones. This GRS certified gemstone is a premium quality gemstone imported from Africa. 

It's brilliant he and its high transparency make it one of the top seller gemstones. This type of ruby is more valuable than other rubies. 

You can directly buy high-quality Mozambique Ruby from Iris Gems. Our Rubies are GRS certified and oval heated which makes this rising star gem more beautiful and prominent among other gemstones.

Burma Ruby 

This corundum family gemstone (Burma Ruby) is the rarest and most valuable gem on earth. It's is mostly found in pink to pigeon blood red colour. 

Admired for its beauty, durability and rarity. At Iris Gem, you can get a decent gemstone at a reasonable price with a money-back guarantee.


What should I look at in online gems traders in USA for loose gemstones?

Shopping for loose gemstones online have numerous benefits. Purchasing online means you will have access to unparalleled variety in terms of origin, colour, size, weight(carat), cut and price.

Now, to find the best online gems traders in USA, you need to consider the following factors.

Buy from an experienced seller/ dealer

Gather as much information as you can about the dealer-don't just go by customers reviews or GMB reviews but the company's history. 

Go for businesses at least 15-30 years as these dealers likely started as traditional dealers before expanding to e-commerce.

Check the source

Don't forget to look at ethical sourcing standards, inquire if that's not the case, then make it clear where the stones come from, and investigate if they have other criteria. 

Are the videos/ pictures accurate?

Don't hesitate to ask for identical quality gemstones as shown on websites if the gems may not look the same.

For more surety, check for 3D images rather than stock images.  

If there is any concern, you can even opt for dealers physical showrooms. 

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