Prasiolite Gemstone Buying Guide- Cut, Price, and Value ? 

Prasiolite is a name for any green quartz cluster or crystal, sometimes known as vermarine, green amethyst, or lime citrine. This form of quartz is extremely rare and is frequently used in jewellery. It's only found in a small Brazilian mine and a few isolated areas in Arizona, Poland, and Canada. This green quartz, also known as prasiolite, is sometimes confused with other gems due to heat treatment that gives it a similar tint.


This quartz species is prevalent because the individual crystals are too small to perceive with the human eye. As a result, the ensuing transparency produces a translucent pale-green tint used to create lovely gemstones. In addition, Prasiolite is thought to have physical and spiritual healing abilities, making it an even more valuable gem.

Prasiolite is a yellow-green to green quartz variation cut into faceted stones and sold to gemstone collectors. It is made using the following three processes:


  • Heat-Treated Amethyst: Most prasiolite is made by heating natural amethyst to 500 degrees Celsius in a laboratory oven. The amethyst's hue changes from purple to green or yellowish-green due to the heating process.

  • Amethyst That Has Been Naturally Heated: Natural processes have heated a little amethyst. For example, it's found in amethyst-bearing rock units that adjacent intrusions or younger lava flows have heated.

  • Irradiated Amethyst: A small amount of prasiolite is generated by irradiating natural amethyst. As a result, light green prasiolite is produced. If the stone is subjected to temperatures above 150 degrees Celsius, the green hue will fade, and the stone will become colourless.


Gemology of prasiolite

Prasiolite is a quartz variant with a hardness of seven and no cleavage. It is a hard stone, similar to amethyst, citrine, smokey quartz, or rose quartz in terms of wearability. Rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, pins, beads, and other types of jewellery can all benefit from it. The hue and saturation of most prasiolite on the market now is light. Because of their light saturation, little stones scarcely reveal their colour. The most common stones with a beautiful green tint are a few carats in size.


Prasiolite's Worth 

The value of a green amethyst is mainly determined by its origin, colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight. In addition, the buyer's location determines the price of green amethyst and on Iris gems you can get the best quality gemstones which are color gemstone wholesaler Toronto.



Green amethyst is distinguished from its purple sibling by its colour. As a result, it is the most important factor influencing the price of green amethyst. The value of green amethyst is determined by its colour depth and distribution throughout the crystal. The cost of green amethyst often rises as the colour becomes deeper and brighter, for best certified amethyst contact Iris Gems color gemstone wholesaler Toronto.



Because of its exquisite colour and clarity, the Brazilian green amethyst warrants a higher price than other origins. Green amethyst from this geological area is always in demand since it is mainly in its natural state or, if it isn't, it is just slightly heated.



The value of green quartz rises when the stone is exceptionally transparent with no obvious impurities to the naked eye. For clean eyepieces, the price per carat of natural green quartz often climbs by 20% to 30%.



Flaws are hidden by classic cuts in well-defined proportions, highlighting the colour and sparkle of green amethyst stone. Green amethyst pricing is determined by the weight reduction involved in the cutting procedure. Green amethyst in oval and circular shapes are often more economical than intricate cuts such as checkerboard or cushion, as the latter results in more stone waste.


Size in Carats

It's rare to come across a substantial prasiolite crystal with consistent purity and vivid, evenly distributed colour. As a result, the price of prasiolite for good quality stones of larger size rises significantly and you can visit our website for good quality gemstones & color gemstone wholesaler toronto.


Prasiolite Handling and Storage

Heat-treated prasiolite should be kept in a cool, dry place. The green hue can fade over time if exposed to direct sunshine or certain types of artificial light. Prasiolite gemstones and jewellery can be stored in darkness to protect them. Protection can be provided by a dark jewellery box, cabinet, or purse. Heat should be avoided when using prasiolite. It shouldn't be kept close to a heat source in the house. It should not be left in hot automobiles. When repairing prasiolite jewellery, the stone should be removed from the metal setting to protect it from the heat generated by soldering and heating. Every person who buys prasiolite should be informed about proper storage techniques and for more information contact Iris Gems color gemstone wholesaler Toronto.