Pre-engagement rings - meaning, price & buying guide

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Couples go through many various stages in their relationship, from engagement to marriage. Pre-engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment for some couples. Choosing pre-engagement rings can be a major decision for many people, and there are numerous reasons for it. Pre-engagement rings: history, meaning, and practical considerations are all explored in today's blog.

Pre-engagement rings - History

Pre-engagement rings are not a new concept, and there is a lot of history to back it up. Pre-engagement rings have a long and rich history. A pre-engagement ring was given in the 16th century in England, with romantic poetry etched on it. With a similar notion to a pre-engagement ring's promise ring became popular in 1970, and this custom has continued to this day.

Pre-engagement rings - Significance

Love and commitment between two people are symbolised by pre-engagement rings. A pre-engagement ring indicates that you intend to get married soon, but you haven't decided on a certain date. Having enough time to organise the wedding for when the timing is appropriate but with the understanding that you are both in a long-term relationship is ideal.

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Difference between Pre-engagement rings and Promise rings

Pre-engagement rings and promise bands are both used as placeholders for the engagement ring, which is why they are so similar. Depending on when you plan to get married, you may have a different name for the ring. However, the term "promise" or "pre-engagement" may be used depending on whether or not you want to get married in the near future.

In most cases, pre-engagement bands and promise rings are worn on separate fingers. While pre-engagement rings are typically worn on the left hand, a promise ring can be worn on any finger as long as the wearer does not intend to be married soon.

Pre-engagement rings are purchased by whom?

A pre-engagement ring can be purchased by anyone for their intended spouse if they have any intentions of getting married in the near future. In order to take your relationship to the next level, you should wear this symbol of your love and dedication to each other.

A pre-engagement ring can be purchased by a variety of couples. For example, high school sweethearts or recent grads may choose for a pre-engagement ring since it's either too young or too expensive for them to get married. Similar to the example above, couples who are more cautious but still want to show their love and commitment may choose one. 

A selection of pre-engagement ring 

Pre-engagement rings come in a variety of styles and pricing points. If you're shopping for a gift for your significant other, be sure it's something they'll enjoy.

Some of the best jewels for pre-engagement rings include the following:


Get this gorgeous purple stone set in your pre-engagement ring if you want a regal wedding. Smouldering purple stones are the epitome of royalty. In its raw nature, the amethyst gemstone is a beautiful addition to exquisite jewellery.

Amethysts have a Mohs scale level of 7 (diamonds have a Mohs scale level of 10), making them extremely durable and affordable. If you're looking for a more unique look, you might try pairing the lavender tint with other metals, such as silver or rose gold, for a stunning ring.


Sapphires occur in a wide range of colours, including blue, peach, pink, yellow, green, and white. Because sapphires are the Mohs scale's third-hardest material, they are an ideal alternative for diamonds. You can choose any colour you like, but if you're looking for the same sparkle as a diamond, white sapphires are the way to go.

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However, white sapphires may not glitter like diamonds, but well-cut ones can appear almost as nice, offering you more bling for your money in the form of larger gems, which is why they are popular for pre-engagement rings as well as engagement rings.


A pale blue semi-precious gemstone known for its beauty, aquamarine is becoming a popular choice for engagement rings and pre-engagement rings.


On the Mohs scale, beryl is between 7.5 and 8 and, like the emerald, it can appear dazzling when cut properly. Because of their incredible clarity, aquamarines appear rich and luxurious. As a "lucky stone," it's an ideal choice for your partner.

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