Red Garnet - A substitute for Ruby Gemstone

The red variety of January's birthstone has brownish overtones and is more blood-coloured, but you can find lighter versions of the gemstone if you know where to search. For example, almandine and Malaya garnets are more red, whereas rhodolite garnets are purple-pink and raspberry in colour. On the other hand, all are less expensive than a decent quality ruby, are relatively easy to come by, and will generally give you the same look like the type of jewellery you're looking for. Contact Iris Gems color gemstone wholesaler Toronto. It comes in a variation of colours and reds of varied tints. Natural garnet is inexpensive and plentiful, but that should not take away from its beauty.

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Almandine and pyrope are two popular red garnet types. If you want to save money, you should look for Almandine. They are the cheapest and can range in carat size from large to relatively small. Garnet is a low-risk gemstone that may be purchased online without having to worry about whether or not the stone is genuine. However, some glass garnet imitations exist, so be sure you're buying from a reliable retailer.

According to Vedic Astrology, Ruby is the stone that best harnesses the energy and forces of the Sun. However, because Ruby is uncommon and costly, most people are out of reach. As a result, those incapable of paying, contact Iris Gems color gemstone wholesaler Toronto provides certify gemstones at the lowest prices.

Garnet is a pseudo-silicate compound made up of SiO4 and other metals. The most frequent colour of this mineral is red, but it also comes in green, purple, black, and blue varieties. Red Garnet Gemstones are two minerals: Almandine (aluminium-iron) and pyrope (magnesium-aluminium). Isometric crystal systems exist in both of them. Some of the largest Red Garnet Gemstone specimens discovered in Australia measured tens of feet in diameter. East Africa's stone is likewise quite popular.

In Antiquity and the Middle Ages, the red garnet was a popular gemstone throughout Europe. Constantine was baptised to convert him to Christianity, and it was used during that baptism. Garnets are also very durable gemstones. Tombstones from thousands of years ago have yielded some Red Garnets. They've been used for good luck and a peaceful transition into the

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afterlife throughout history, as suggested. Journeys have always been linked to Red Garnet Gems. Travellers, merchants, and businesspeople all carried the stone. Although this stone can be found worldwide, it is primarily produced in South India and Australia.

  • Raktamani - which means "blood crimson precious jewels" - is the name given to red garnet. This gemstone is excellent for regulating blood cells and circulatory cells. The immune system is strengthened by it. It bestows name, fame, and fortune on the wearer.
  • Red Garnet is the most appropriate gemstone for Leos, as the Sun dominates this sign. Among the sacred nine planets, the Sun is regarded as the King. In astrology, it's known as Navagraha, and these nine planets have the most significant influence on people's lives. According to Vedic astrology, the Ruby is the most efficient gemstone for harnessing the power of the Sun; however, if you can't get natural Ruby - Manik gemstones, Red Garnet is the best substitute. Because Ruby is such a valuable and costly gemstone, Shastras recommend wearing Red Garnet. Instead, you can contact Iris Gems for color gemstone wholesaler Toronto to buy the best quality gemstones.
  • The pink-red or pigeon's blood red tint of the Red Garnet gemstone is enticing. It is widely distributed around the world and has excellent healing properties. Garnet is a helpful crystal in times of need. It is advantageous when there appears to be no way out. Under Garnet's influence, a crisis is transformed into a challenge, and mutual assistance is encouraged in times of adversity.
  • In terms of psychology, Red Garnet aids in the improvement of self-and other perceptions. The planet Mars rules the Red Garnet Gemstones. Thousands of years ago, the Red Garnet Gemstone was used to make jewellery. It's available in various styles, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. It removes ineffective ingrained behavioural habits that no longer serve self-inflicted unconscious sabotage. Mentally, this red gemstone aids you in letting go of inadequate or outdated behaviour. It reduces emotional inhibitions and taboos, opens the heart, and boosts self-confidence.
  • The stone aids in the removal of insecurity and health issues, both physical and mental. 
  • Wearing this stone could help you avoid problems with your prostate and weight.  
  • It may also help strengthen the bone structure of the person wearing it.  


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