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The most common form of quartz is amethyst, which is known for its stunning colour. This magnificent precious and semi-precious color gemstones is formed in "hollow rocks," which are geodes. They grow underground in long prismatic clusters above the geode base and can be found throughout the world. This gemstone is usually found as a six-sided crystal with a crystalline crust that covers other rocks. The name "amethyst" the feburary month gemstone comes from the Greek word "amethystos," which means "not drunk." The Mohs hardness scale gives amethyst a score of 7, making it a fairly hard and durable stone. This gemstone's colour ranges from a warm reddish-purple to a cold bluish purple. The presence of iron and other trace elements causes this colour. Amethyst is known for its Piety, humility, and honesty. If you are planning to buy the best quality amethyst, it is necessary to understand the features of this stunning purple gemstone to make the right choice.

Features to look for when planning to buy best quality Amethyst

A good quality amethyst should have the following features:

  1. Colour- A rich reddish-purple or purple with no noticeable colour zoning is the best amethyst hue. Dealers prefer reddish-purple with a lot of saturation to dark purple with a lot of darkness, as long as the stone isn't too dark. In low-light situations, an amethyst may appear black if the hue is excessively dark. Any reddish or bronze-coloured tints in an amethyst's purple colour, as well as any visible colour zoning, substantially reduce its value. Colour zoning can be seen by laying loose amethysts on a table against a white background. Many amethysts are either light or have significant zones of lighter and darker purple colour. The value of these stones is lowered as a result of these causes. The colour of exceptionally dark amethyst can be lightened with heat treatment. The colour purple has been dyed into lower-quality light-coloured amethyst and even light-coloured quartz.
  2. Clarity- The majority of faceted amethyst on the market is eye-clean, which means it doesn't have any obvious inclusions. A highly intense raspberry colour can be seen in African material, particularly from Zambia. It has a higher percentage of inclusions than Brazilian material. However, with a faceted stone, this is acceptable given to its stunning hue. Material of the same colour that is clean to the eye is more valued. Cut as cabochons or fashioned into beads, amethysts with eye-visible inclusions but appealing hues are common. Cabochons and beads with good colour and clarity command a higher price. Fracture-filling treatment of surface-reaching cracks in amethyst is rarely used to improve visual clarity.
  3. Cut- Amethyst may be carved into many different shapes and designs. Rounds, ovals, pears, emerald cuts, triangles, marquises, cushions, and other shapes are among them. Brilliant cuts, triangular and kite-shaped facet arrangements, step cuts, rows of concentric parallel facets, and mixed cuts, which incorporate both facet arrangements, are the most common facet patterns. Amethyst is also a popular gem for freeform cutting into a variety of shapes. This can be done by hand or by using an automated cutting system. These "dream" or "designer" cuts can be mass-produced or handcrafted as one-of-a-kind items. They can have concave faceting, which is when flat facets have a concave form. Other cuts and carvings, such as carvings of animals and other items, can also be found.
  4. Carat weight- Amethyst comes in a wide range of sizes, allowing it to be used in various jewellery styles. Because the price per carat does not increase drastically with increased size, it is popular as a large centre stone. Amethyst is also widely available in calibrated cuts, which are carefully cut to typical industry sizes and come in various qualities.
  5. Grading- if you buy the best quality amethyst, you should also consider the grading system.
  • AAAA- These are the top 10% of natural amethysts on the market. They are eye-clean and brilliant-cut, with a characteristic medium-dark purple colour.
  • AAA- These are the top 20% to 30% of natural amethysts on the market. They are moderate to somewhat incorporated and have a medium-dark purple colour. Leading independent/family jewellers frequently employ them in fine jewellery.
  • AA- These are the top 50% to 75% of natural amethysts on the market. They're light to medium purple and contain a heavy to moderate amount of inclusion. Mall jewellers or small family jewellery shops frequently use this quality in beautiful jewellery.
  1. Hardness- Another thing to keep in mind is that amethyst is a slightly tougher stone, with a Mohs hardness rating of 7. It indicates it's not readily scratched and can only be harmed by more difficult materials.
  2. Treatment- While amethyst is a naturally occurring stone, clear quartz can be treated with irridation to make it look like amethyst. Always check with your jeweller to see whether the stone is genuine and if it has been treated.
  3. Gemstone certification- When you buy the best quality amethyst, look for traders who provide you with certified gemstones in usa . Make sure to get gemstone certification from a reputed lab. A GRS certified gemstone will ensure that the gem is of good quality and is genuine, which gives you peace of mind that your investment is worth the money.

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When buy best quality amethyst look for - Value, Grade, Popularity and Cost?

Amethyst is a semi-precious popular gemstone. Centuries ago amethyst wasn't available to common people. Luckily with time, this has changed. If you want to buy good quality amethyst for yourself, before buying let's quickly get to know its price and Value.

Amethyst are purple quartz, which is a popular choice in the US, and European Countries. This purple gem has always been a symbol of royalty for years.

Like many minerals, quartz comes in a wide variety of colours, but amethyst is the most valuable of them.

It's popularly known as February birthstone and many people believe it has the power to clear the mind and boost productivity.

Amethyst gemstone price has always been higher than many other semi-precious stones. So make a decision to buy best quality amethyst on the basis of its value, colour, cut, shape and origin.


Buy Best Quality Amethyst For Gemstones & Jewelry

Amethyst is the most popular semi-precious stone, which is highly used in jewellery making due to its purple colouration, hardness and also because it is relatively low in price.

Out of a whole, only a tiny portion of the total amethyst is used in making faceted stone for jewellery making.

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Unlike rubies, their prices go up with their sizes, the cost of amethyst increases with size.

Where do you find the best quality amethyst?

Best quality amethyst can be found in Siberia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Uruguay, and the Far East. The superior grade is called "Deep Siberian" and has a primary purple hue of around 75–80%, with 15–20% blue and (depending on the light source) red secondary hues.

Which metal is best for amethyst?
According to Vedic Astrology, the following guidelines are mentioned for preparing an amethyst gemstone. An Amethyst gemstone can be made into a ring or a pendant with silver only. This ring should be worn on the middle finger of the right hand on a Saturday Evening during Krishna Paksha (descending moon)


Where Do Most Valuable Amethyst Types Come From, and How to Buy Best Quality Amethyst?

This is one of the most common questions asked by customers. Even being from semi-precious gemstones family, it is one of the most well know semi-precious gemstones. 

Its beautiful appearance, wide availability and affordability. Amethyst stone shades are pretty pleasing, but when it comes to quality, the deeper the colour, the better its quality will be. 

Above all, the finest quality amethyst is only found in Sri Lanka, Serbia, Uruguay, Brazil, Madagascar and Africa. 

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1. Uruguay Amethyst Heart Geodes

Generally, Amethyst come in various purple shades and its other colours depending on where it is mined. 

You have often seen Pink Amethyst, Rainbow Amethyst, Pineapple Amethyst.

Uruguay continues to provide the highest and best quality of Amethyst which are best known for their deep purple colour and high quality.

2. Uruguay Rainbow Amethyst Heart

Uruguay rainbow amethyst heart-shaped gemstones are fascinating deep purple colour amethyst. 

We also have in our store a selection of Amethyst that comes with striking shades of purple, blue, red and brown. 

3. Large Uruguay Amethyst Geodes

Other significant sources of finest colour Amethyst are Tanzania, Zambia. 

If we compare size-wise African Amethyst are a bit smaller sizes than South American Amethyst.

Larger Amethyst generate a powerful high vibrational energy. 

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Amethyst a rare gem, and thus being so rare it holds many questions into consumers mind, keeping this thing mind - below provided Q&A will help you out and make you more confident when you will plan or buy best quality amethyst right from the dealers or jewellers. 

What colour to look at when buy best quality amethyst?

 Siberian colour amethyst is the finest colour amethyst. This colour is similar to concord grapes. 

Why is amethyst so rare?

Amethyst colour is the biggest factor that makes it so rarer than other gemstones.

Deep Russian is the highest-grade amethyst and exponentially rare gemstone. This Deep Russian gemstone value is dependent on the demand of collectors. 

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What qualities make amethyst rarer than a diamond?

Amethyst is so scarce and a rarer gemstone. And thus it makes- it a million times rarer than diamonds. 

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What qualities to look at when buy best quality amethyst?

Amethyst is well known for its healing properties and unique purple hue. These qualities make it one of the most well known semi-precious gemstones in the world.

-Color - look for its colour
-Origin - It's basically found in high-temperature locations from sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rock deposits.

-Certifications - check for certifications such as GIA, SSEF, Gubelin certified gemstone online details, etc.

If you found all of these above-mentioned qualities then only make a decision to buy best quality amethyst.

How much does it matter where amethyst is mined?
The value of an amethyst doesn't solely dependent on its origin, the actual value of amethyst is based on its quality, and above all colour is the most important factor regardless of the country and origin.

Does GIA offer reports for amethyst?
Gemological Institute of America (GIA) offers identification services for the full array of coloured stones, jewels, including amethyst.

What does AAA quality amethyst mean?
AAA, AA, A are quality descriptions that are created by companies, these are created to denote the range of quality of their goods, unfortunately, no standard quality grading scales exist for amethyst.

Why do people prefer to buy best quality amethyst?

Amethyst is known for its healing properties. Therefore, when we look to buy Amethyst for astrological properties, we should always choose to buy best quality amethyst to get the most out of this quartz crystal.

Apart from astrology, it is widely used in jewellery making; its purple hue makes jewellery designs outstanding. 


What colour amethyst is the most valuable?

Deep purple Amethyst is the most valuable Amethyst; Amethyst has light colour shades and is considered less valuable Amethyst.

So when you opt to buy best quality amethyst coloured is a must to look for a factor.