What is the Importance of Gubelin certified gemstones

Gubelin certified gemstones online


When determining the worth and aesthetic appeal of a diamond, the 4Cs are the guidelines to follow. This well-known diamond framework evaluates the four primary characteristics that contribute to a diamond's fire, life, and brilliance, and thus its overall quality. Coloured gemstones, on the other hand, have never been purchased or sold using such a system, which means that beauty, quality, attractiveness, and other value characteristics have been determined by a variety of factors and are frequently in the eye of the beholder. To address this, the Gübelin Gem Lab, an independent company of the House of Gübelin, has developed the Gübelin Gemstone Rating, which assigns a “Gübelin Points” value to coloured gemstones based on three criteria: quality, rarity, and salience.

Importance of buying Gubelin certified gemstones online

Gauging the value of a gemstone is difficult even for specialists with decades of expertise. That's why the Gübelin Gemstone Rating was created: to make it easier for buyers of jewellery and coloured stones to comprehend what they're getting and how it compares to other stones consistently and straightforwardly. Gübelin Gem Lab's Gemstone Rating is intended to organise the market around a common methodology and enable jewellery and gemstone purchasers to make their own, better-informed judgments because it is not engaged in the purchasing and selling process. After all, given the variety of elements at play, purchasing coloured gems is not a straightforward or quick decision. Gübelin Gem Lab is regarded as one of the world's most prestigious gemological organisations. The Gübelin Gem Lab produces highly regarded Gemmological Reports, which are trusted by leading auction houses, royal families, jewellers, gem merchants, and collectors worldwide. Some of the advantages of buying Gubelin certified gemstones online include:

  1. It has a reputation for being one of the oldest.
  2. Uses the most up-to-date gemological equipment to detect whether a gemstone has been treated or not. Has a database to compare and determine the provenance of a gem.
  3. Devoted to gemology as a science, so remains up to date in terms of staff and research.
  4. Provide trade name remarks like "pigeon's blood" ruby on occasion.
  5. Gubelin labs, one of the oldest gemological laboratories, has expertise in handling costly coloured gemstones and the technology and database needed to verify their provenance.

How does a Gubelin gemstone rating work?

There are two methods for determining a gemstone's rating. You may buy it either in conjunction with a Gübelin Gemmological Report or as a stand-alone service. The grading is done by experienced and qualified gemmologists who use a highly standardised evaluation technique and methodology that we created and built based on data from tens of thousands of gemstones that Gübelin possesses. The evaluation is divided into three categories. The most important is quality, which is followed by rarity and salience. Colour, clarity/transparency, and cut/brilliance are the primary criteria for quality. Hue, tone, saturation, and homogeneity are all different types of colour.

What are the limitations of Gubelin certified gemstones?

If no further information is provided, most conventional laboratories will base the gemstone’s colour on a single ‘dimensional' basis - by specifying just the “hue” colour. However, because we need to evaluate saturation levels (high or low) or tone levels, it's impossible to acquire a certain gemstone without physically on hand (dark or light).

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