What is the quality of Certified Black Tourmaline purchased at Iris Gems?

Certified Black Tourmaline


Black Tourmaline is one of the greatest stones for energy cleansing. Black Tourmaline is one of the greatest crystals for those new to crystals or seasoned professionals. It is often looked at as a stone of protection. Tourmaline is commonly found in necklaces, bracelets, gem elixirs, front doors, and travel companions. Because of their great range of form, function, and colour, tourmalines are among the most important mineral groupings. The name is taken from a Sri Lankan regional phrase known as 'turmali,' a term for yellow zircon. The moniker came up as a result of a labelling error on the consignment, and it stuck. The deep pitch-black hue of Black Tourmaline crystal stone has significance. This stone has powerful energy and the capacity to absorb negative energy without sacrificing its energy because of its black hue.

The quality factors that make certified black tourmaline worth a purchase from IrisGems

Because Tourmaline occurs in such a broad range of hues, covering each colour type separately would be beyond the scope of this essay. It is, however, superfluous because a common set of criteria determines colour quality. Therefore, the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) approach to colour will be used here. 

1.Color is approached by the GIA in three ways: Hue, Tone, and Saturation.

  • Hue has the slightest effect on quality because it primarily defines the colour "feeling" that the human eye experiences. Colour is just the human eye's perception of the light spectrum as it travels through a gemstone.
  • The brightness to the darkness of a colour sense in a gemstone is described by tone. It is an important factor in determining the colour quality of Tourmaline, as well as all gemstones. It describes how black or bright a diamond looks to the naked eye.
  • When assessing the quality of colour in Tourmaline, this is the most significant of the three components. It relates to the colour's depth and vibrancy. When evaluating the colour saturation of a Tourmaline, the more intense/vivid the colour saturation, the precious the stone.
  1. Because the light source you see a gem under can influence the colour you perceive, it's always a good idea to examine Tourmalines under a variety of lights before purchasing. Cooler hues like greens and blues appear better under daylight or white light, while reds and pinks look better under incandescent light. Without a look at dichroism, no study of colour in Tourmaline would be complete. Because Tourmaline is a highly dichroic gemstone, the optic and perpendicular axes can display distinct hues.
  1. Imperfections are common in gemstones since they develop in nature. Cracks caused by high pressure, crystals of the same species (or others) developing within them, needles, and liquid-filled healed fractures known as "Fingerprints" are just a few examples. These flaws influence a Tourmaline's clarity rating; therefore, you should know what to check for when assessing clarity.
  1. When we talk about cut, we're not referring to the form of a Tourmaline. The shape of a Tourmaline, such as Oval or Round, has no impact on its quality. What important is the cut's quality? This section of the 4 Cs is not held to the same level as Diamonds.
  1. Tourmaline, like other gems, is rarer at bigger sizes. For a gem to develop to a big size in nature, it must be exposed to continual heat and pressure for hundreds of millions of years.
  1. Buying certified Black Tourmaline from reputed labs like SSEF, GIA, GUBLIN, GRS etc., ensures authenticity and assurance that the gemstone is genuine and graded as per international standards. 

What is the quality of the certified Black Tourmaline purchased at IrisGems?

When buying Tourmaline anywhere in the world, certification is essential. The guarantee that the gemstone has been graded according to international tourmaline standards is provided by a tourmaline certificate of authentication. The characteristics of your Tourmaline that you feel are authentic are transparent and impartial. When purchasing Tourmaline, make sure to request a copy of the certification. Buying a Tourmaline from a reputed gemstone trader like IrisGems assures you that you are buying a high-quality certified black tourmaline. IrisGems' advisors are highly qualified and experienced. After viewing, consumers are given a Certificate of Authentication, guaranteeing that the information provided is accurate and that your chosen gemstone was acquired fairly and responsibly. Tourmaline is graded according to the Tourmaline International Grading Standard, which guarantees the colour, clarity, and cut quality of the stone and its authenticity. You may be confident that your Tourmaline is genuinely one-of-a-kind and of exceptional, unparalleled quality with IrisGems.