What you should know about GIA certified Aquamarine

GIA certified aquamarine for sale


Aquamarine is a gemstone with a beautiful light blue-green hue. Aquamarine comprises the mineral beryl and has a refractive index of 1.577-1.583 and a Mohs hardness of 7.5-8.0. These characteristics make the stone long-lasting, simple to maintain, and a wonderful addition to your jewellery collection. The gem's major source is Brazil, which produces some of the world's most precious stones, although it can also be found in Pakistan, Russia, Tanzania, Madagascar, and other nations. This priceless gem is derived from the Latin word for saltwater, and the blue-green stone was formerly considered to protect seafarers at sea. It's also the March birthstone and the customary present on the 19th wedding anniversary. For these occasions, aquamarine rings, necklaces, and bracelets may all be terrific gifts.

What sets GIA certified Aquamarine for sale apart?

If you enjoy wearing fine jewellery, you've probably heard of the GIA certification. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is your go-to source for information on all things connected to gemstones. Every day, it handles a massive amount of work, from gem identification and diamond grading to a range of instructional activities. However, the GIA's fundamental purpose remains the same: safeguarding consumers and sellers by establishing and maintaining the criteria for evaluating gemstone quality. 

  1. When an aquamarine comes with a GIA certificate, you'll obtain accurate information on all of its key characteristics, including cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight. This means you may feel confident that none of the information you've been given about the gemstone is incorrect. 
  • Aquamarine comes in a variety of colours, including pastel blue, greenish-blue, and green-blue. The most popular aquamarine hue is a dark blue to slightly greenish blue with moderate intensity, particularly in stones larger than 5 carats. Fine stones have a uniform blue hue and no zoning.
  • Eye-visible inclusions are rare in faceted aquamarines. Most collectors expect clean diamonds with good transparency. Today's trend is to utilise partially polished crystal slices or nuggets in necklaces as distinctive centrepieces for jewellery items or even as partially polished crystal slices or chunks.
  • Aquamarines may be cut into virtually any form, although emerald cuts and round or oval brilliants are the most popular. Because their techniques emphasise the material's pure, even hue and exceptional clarity, several gem artisans utilise Aquamarine for one-of-a-kind creative cuts.
  • Aquamarine comes in a wide range of sizes, with many excellent stones weighing 25 carats or more commonly accessible. Smaller accent sizes are often light; cut stones bigger than five carats are more likely to have a deeper hue.
  1. The GIA's quality ratings are impartial and unbiased. The report will enable you to compare one GIA-graded Aquamarine to another, as well as provide information on the many alternatives available. You may then utilise this information to choose something that gives you the most bang for your buck.
  2. If you have ever been concerned about obtaining a fake or similar good, the GIA certificate will put your mind at ease. The institute's report will specify whether or not the Aquamarine has been treated in any way. This is an essential piece of information for most customers, and it impacts the jewellery's final pricing.
  3. The GIA's grading standards are well-known for being exceedingly strict. Its stringent review procedure is held up as the gold standard against which all others are judged. When you buy GIA certified aquamarine jewellery, you can be assured that you're getting a high-quality item.
  4. Aquamarine, unlike emeralds, is a relatively inexpensive stone. This is mostly because it is far more plentiful, and big crystals are prevalent. Aquamarine, according to the GIA, does not have as many inclusions as emerald. Thus finding a big eye-clean Aquamarine gem is simple. As a result, big carat-weight Aquamarine does not command a high price. If all other quality parameters remain constant, the price of a diamond rises linearly with its size. As a result, it's a reasonably priced stone for stunning Aquamarine jewellery.

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If you are looking for GIA certified Aquamarine for sale, then these tips and pointers can come in handy and help you to invest in the right gemstone.