Why are uncut gemstones so much cheaper?

uncut gemstones


Buying rough or uncut gemstones can save you a lot of money, but is it worth it? Unprocessed diamonds are also called rough or rough diamonds. They can be cultivated in the laboratory, but they are more naturally mined and come in various sizes. This diamond is generally cheaper than a cut diamond, but does that mean you don't have to choose? Not always.

These days, it's become very fashionable because you can reduce the cost of buying unprocessed gemstones and focus on other aspects of your budget. However, many people wonder if it is worth using a gemstone of that shape. Is it better to spend a little more because of the glittering gemstones? Uncut gemstones are often cut, polished and readjusted before they are sold by retailers or gemstones and released to the retail market.

What are uncut gemstones?

There are several names that uncut gemstones carry. But with the exception of 'no cut', its most common name is mostly raw and rough. These types of gemstones can be found in two forms. Many scientists and retailers love lab-grown, uncut gemstones, but you can still find them in nature.

Miners often excavate them, and it will also cause a change in the size of uncut diamonds. Unprocessed gemstones can be found anywhere in the world. The sources of this brilliant gem are in a total of about 35 countries.

How do cuts affect gemstones?

A rough diamond has no shine. But its quality will determine the cost of the finished cut gemstone. The price of an uncut gem is primarily related to carat (size), clarity and colour.

  1. In general, the higher the carat weight, the higher the cost. This assumes that all other attributes are the same. For example, small transparent roughs are yellow, have many defects, and are more costly than large ones.
  2. Gemstones almost always contain defects (called inclusions) inside. The less gem inclusion you get, the higher the grade of transparency you get. Defect gems are more valuable than cut diamonds, which are less transparent.
  3. Most colourless (or white) diamonds have a natural yellow or brown tint. The more colours a diamond has, the brighter it will be and the less polished: the colourless the diamond, the rarer and more expensive.
  4. This is another factor that can affect the value. Especially the value can be reduced, but yes if necessary. For example, sometimes large roughs have a humorous shape, and many truncate to make small shiny diamond stuff. This is less valuable than a nice symmetric little rough.

Advantages of buying uncut gemstones

  1. The biggest attraction of buying uncut gemstones is that they are often cheaper than cut gemstones. For example, you can find an uncut 1-carat diamond ring for hundreds or thousands of dollars of a ring of the same size.
  2. Uncut diamonds are always crash-free, as all raw diamonds need to have a Kimberley Process Certificate to import or export from any country. This certificate confirms that the diamonds were mined in a war-free area. However, cutting and polishing the diamond will make the Kimberley process out of control.
  3. Unprocessed jewellery is rare but noticeable. Some women like the almost quartz-like shape of rough diamonds.

Why are uncut gemstones so much cheaper?

The market is looking for cut jewellery. Because that's what gems use, and that's what ordinary people want for almost all gems. It is also done by breaking experts and skilled workers, and their wages are worth it. Here C.S. As Friedman said, to reveal the beauty of a gem, it is also cut, polished, etc. Uncut Jewellery Cutter Because it is not moulded into a specific shape and has not been polished, the price is low. These uncut gems are known as rough gems or raw gems. 

Contrary to popular belief, raw uncut gemstones differ considerably in their polished form. You need to know what you're looking for because freshly excavated rocks can mix with other useless cheap stones. Here are some tips on how to do it exactly right. To judge the quality of a stone, some features of the stone can be viewed at any time.

The colour and transparency, the size and hardness of the stone, its weight, and how the light reflects off the rock are traces. This isn't enough to determine the quality of a gem, but it can give you an idea of ​​whether it's fake. However, unless you have an advanced UV base or spectrometer, it is better to seek professional help.

Taking care of uncut gemstones

Depending on the nature of the stone, the technique is aimed at proper and regular cleaning and storage. Otherwise, problems can occur. Below are some tone management tips. 

  • Some stones can be damaged by the use of strong chemicals, especially if they are porous. In addition, too much water can ruin the quality of stones because it requires a cool and stable environment. 
  •  Know if some stones can be cleaned with a mild detergent / commercial cleaning solution. There are several names such as amethyst, aquamarine, diamond, emerald, jade, opal, ruby ​​and sapphire. After soaking the stone in a solution and warm water, dry it and rub it with a Hienjo brush before washing it into a liquid. Dry again with a soft cloth, and after drying, make sure there are no watermarks on the gem.

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