Why are gemstones so expensive?

precious and semi precious gemstones


Gems are precious: Mining gemstones takes a lot of time, effort, and knowledge. Gemstones are magnificent elements of nature that come from the soil and can create various jewellery. Natural gemstones are getting increasingly uncommon as time passes. Natural gemstones are becoming more difficult to come by as the cost of mining grows. Because of their scarcity, their value is constantly rising, therefore selling them might be profitable. Gems have been used since times immemorial to beautify and enhance, which takes into account a considerable amount of time, effort and information. The more precious the stone, the more value it will hold. Some precious and semi-precious gemstones include opal, coloured diamonds, jade, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tanzanite, and many more. 

What makes gemstones expensive?

  1. Gemstone mining is a difficult process- Gemstones are developed hundreds, thousands, or millions of years ago. Therefore the gemstones we have now are likely to be the only ones we will ever have. Many mines throughout the world are deserted because we have depleted the available supply of gemstones. Although many gemstones can be created outside of Mother Nature's gemstone mines, they are not as valuable as natural gemstones. Unfortunately, it costs gemstone miners money to accomplish their work, and the cost of mining is rising as the number of natural gemstones diminishes. To find these natural jewels, miners must dig farther and deeper beneath the earth's surface. As a result, the value of gemstones will continue to rise over time.
  2. Evaluation of Gemstones- The name of a stone may or may not be a criterion for determining its worth. Color, clarity, and cut are three crucial qualities that must be assessed to define the value of any rough or finished product.
  3. Gemstone colour- Color can significantly impact the value of a gemstone, depending on its nature. Consider the sapphire: a pale yellow sapphire costs around $500.00 per carat, whereas the rare and highly sought-after padparadscha sapphire with sunset and salmon colours costs between $5,000 and $15,000 carat. The saturation of the gemstone's hue has an impact on its value as well. Saturation refers to the strength and depth of a gemstone's colour, and gemstones with washed-out, faded, or uneven colours are far less desirable than those with great saturation. A moderate to a high amount of continuous saturation across the gemstone is an ideal colour attribute for gemstones.
  4. Gemstone clarity- Its clarity also influences the value of a gemstone. Some gemstones, such as emeralds, are created naturally with inclusions. As long as these inclusions are not apparent or do not compromise the gemstone's durability, they will not affect the stone's total value. However, clarity is an essential aspect in determining the value of some gemstones, such as aquamarines. Clarity has the most significant impact on rare or often found gems with a high degree of clarity.
  5. Gemstone carat size- The impact of carat size on a gemstone's value depends on the type of gemstone being assessed. The aquamarine is a good example; this gemstone is frequently found in substantial carat sizes. Hence, the carat size of aquamarine has no bearing on its value. Other gemstones, like rubies, infrequently found in bigger carat weights, are valued primarily based on their carat weight.
  6. Gemstone cut- When evaluating the value of a diamond, the cut is possibly the most consistent C. A poor cut, or a mediocre commercial cut, will not bring out a gemstone's brilliance, fire, or colour. On the other hand, good custom cut gemstones can differentiate a beautiful diamond and a breathtakingly captivating gem. It can be difficult for non-gemologists to tell the difference between commercial cuts and superior custom cut gemstones right away, but taking the time to look at different cuts of the exact gemstone will help you see the distinctions between exceptional and poor cuts. 
  7. High demand- It is common knowledge that when demand is strong, and supply is low, production costs rise. Jewellery and decorative objects are in high demand in the B2C sector.
  8. Political intervention- Government policies are influenced by various elements, including amicable relations between nations, currency value, and many more, impacting mining, import/export, and other aspects. Cartels are sometimes in charge of determining the face worth of these products.
  9. In this business, the supply chain from miner to consumer is extremely extensive. The product must transit through several mediators, increasing the rate at each stage.
  10. In their natural state, gemstones are uncut and unrefined. To bring out the brilliance and shape, they must be chopped, chiselled, and honed. This is a time-consuming procedure. This delicate job can only be taken on by professional Karigars willing to work for good pay. Another reason they are so precious is because of this.
  11. Imitation jewellery can be mass-produced in a cost-effective industrial method in large quantities. At all times, the supply exceeds the demand. When you compare them to the real ones, the difference is stark.
  12. Some products are promoted more aggressively than others. The greater the public's awareness of them, the higher the demand, and hence the higher the rate. Products that are plentiful but not well-known can nevertheless be purchased in the market at much lower prices. Limited availability, evaluation, mining expenses, high demand, politics, processing costs, weather, popularity, and a complex supply chain are all factors that contribute to the high price.
  13. Certified gemstones-  Purchasing certified gemstones ensures that the stone is real and free of any plastic, glass, or synthetic material. This gives the buyer additional assurance when buying gemstones. A gemstone grading laboratory examined the quality features of certified stones. The results of the evaluation are presented in a ranking report. When a gemstone is labelled "certified," it simply implies that it has been inspected and tested by a third-party specialist.

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