10 most valuable & trending gemstones in the world?


blue diamond

Gemstones are among the most beautiful natural treasures on the planet. Throughout history, people from all around the world have admired them for various reasons. They are most typically used as decorative ornaments, but they also have religious significance. Furthermore, such diamonds have long been prized for their purported therapeutic properties. All gemstones, whether diamonds, rubies, or sapphires, have their unique charm. It distinguishes each in its way. Despite this, some stones are more valuable than others. This is a factor that has a significant impact on their worth. Size, grade, and colour are also important considerations. The ten most valuable gemstones in the world are listed below.

These gems made a list because their prices per carat are the highest.

Tanzanite is worth $1200 per carat.

The first gem on our list of trending gemstones in the world is Tanzanite, which was found in 1967. Tanzanite is only discovered in northern Tanzania, near the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, as its name suggests. After Tiffany and Co. began incorporating the stone in their jewellery, Tanzanite became popular.

This sapphire has a rich blue-violet tint that sets it apart from the others. While $1,200 may not appear to be a large sum (particularly compared to the other gems on our list), the market expects it to increase in the next 20-25 years. The scarcity of Tanzanite is the fundamental reason for this.

$9,500 per carat for black opal

Black opals are the most valuable and sought-after opals on the planet. Hence they have made their way into our list of trending gemstones in the world. The stone has a dark body that serves as the perfect backdrop for the excellent colour play.

black opal

Black opals are virtually exclusively found in New South Wales' Lightning Ridge region. Indeed, they are often regarded as one of Australia's national treasures. The "Royal One," valued at $3 million, is the world's most valuable black opal. The elusive gem is 306 carats in weight. It stayed unnoticed for 14 years until the miner who found it decided to sell.

$10,000 per carat for red beryl

While red beryl has been discovered in Utah, New Mexico, and Mexico, only those mined in Utah's Wah Wah Mountains have gem quality. They come in a couple of distinct tones of a darker crimson that are all as captivating. This variation is one of the most unusual in the beryl family, including emeralds, making it number 3 on the list of trending gemstones in the world.

red beryl

As a result, collectors sometimes refer to red beryl as the "red emerald." Red beryls, like emeralds, are prone to inclusions and fractures. The cost of this one-of-a-kind gem might approach $10,000 per carat, but only if you can find one for sale.

$35,000 per carat for musgravite

Musgravite is another gem that was discovered in 1967 in Australia. It gets its name from the Musgrave region where it was found. Only eight gem-quality musgravite stones were found in 2005. That demonstrates how uncommon it is, making it number 4 on the list of trending gemstones in the world.


Colours ranged from a translucent olive-green to a greyish purple in the handful discovered. It's challenging to set a price on this gemstone because of its extreme rarity. However, experts estimate it to be worth around $35,000 per carat.

Alexandrite is valued at about $70,000 per carat.

Alexandrite is a rare colour-changing stone making number 5 on the list of trending gemstones in the world. This makes Alexandrite not only stunningly attractive but also extremely precious. Though they were discovered in 1833 in Russia, they have also been mined in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and India. Surprisingly, they are nearly always found in carat sizes less than one.


As a result, the price value of a larger stone increases exponentially. For example, a single carat can cost $15,000, but a larger stone can cost up to $70,000 per carat. The Smithsonian Institute possesses the world's largest faceted Alexandrite, a cushion-cut stone weighing 65.08 carats valued at more than $4 million.

The price of an emerald is $305,000 per carat.

Emeralds, recognised for their distinctive green tones, are among the most popular trending gemstones in the world. Brazil, Colombia, Zimbabwe, and Zambia are the four powerful nations where they may be found. Unfortunately, the majority of emeralds available on the market have minor flaws. As a result, in the rare event that a flawless natural emerald becomes available for purchase, it can command exorbitant prices.


Experts predicted the renowned "Rockefeller Emerald" would smash records when Christie's revealed it would be auctioned off. John D. Rockefeller bought the 18.04-carat rock for his wife. It was afterwards passed down to their son and subsequently privately sold. At the Christie's auction, it sold for $5.5 million, or $305,000 per carat. As a result, it was the most valuable emerald per carat ever auctioned.

The price of a carat of ruby is $1.18 million.

Rubies, sometimes known as the "King of Gemstones," come in various brilliant red colours and are among the most popular trending gemstones in the world. In addition, they come in a variety of colours, from pink to a darker red. The blazing gem is a symbol of zeal for life and desire.


This notion was passed down down the ages by ancient societies who thought the colour resembled blood. An exceptionally rare Burmese ruby was auctioned off for over $30 million in 2015 at a Sotheby's event in Geneva. The 26-carat stone, dubbed "The Sunrise Ruby" after a poem by Rumi, the famed 13th-century poet, sold for $1.18 million per carat. That's an incredible sum, making it the most valuable ruby ever sold.

$1.19 million per carat for a pink diamond

Pink diamonds are undoubtedly the rarest of all coloured diamonds and are among the most popular trending gemstones in the world. These pink-coloured gems account for less than 0.1 per cent of the total annual production of diamonds worldwide!

pink diamond

However, when the exquisite pink gemstones make it to auction, the price per carat often exceeds $1 million. In 2017, a magnificent pink diamond weighing 59.60 carats was sold for a record-breaking $71.2 million at a Sotheby's auction in Hong Kong.

This works to $1.19 million per carat. It's known as the "Pink Star" diamond since it's the largest Fancy Vivid Pink diamond the Gemological Institute of America has ever graded as Internally Flawless.

$3 million per carat for jadeite

In the Jade family, jadeite is the purest, rarest, and most vibrant gemstone; they are among the most popular trending gemstones in the world. Though it comes in various colours, including red, yellow, and black, the stone's most well-known colour is green.


The "Imperial Jade" hue of semi-transparent emerald green is the most sought-after in the world. In Chinese culture, jadeite has a special significance since it represents distinction and status. So everyone expected a jadeite necklace owned initially by American heiress Barbara Hutton to set the record for the most expensive piece of jadeite jewellery ever sold in 2014.

That's precisely what the "Hutton-Midivani Necklace," which is made up of 27 huge, high-quality jadeite beads, did. The piece sold for $27.44 million to Cartier, the original creator of the necklace, after twenty minutes of frenzied bidding from eight possible purchasers.

$3.93 million per carat for a blue diamond

The blue diamond, one of the most trending gemstones in the world, rounds up our list. Because of its rarity, when a blue diamond is scheduled to be auctioned, the world's most prestigious collectors line up to bid for a chance to buy one. So it's no surprise that they're willing to pay millions of dollars to make it happen.

blue diamond

This was certainly the case in 2016 when Christie's Magnificent Jewels auction in Geneva included a stunning emerald-cut Vivid Blue diamond weighing 14.62 carats. The diamond, dubbed "The Oppenheimer Blue" after its previous owner, sold for $57.5 million in total. While the Pink Star diamond set a new record for the most costly jewel ever sold, the blue diamond, with a price per carat of $3.93 million, is the most valued.