Where can I buy high-quality emerald in the USA?

high quality emerald


Emerald is a precious green gemstone from the Beryl mineral family. It is one of the most renowned gemstones in Vedic astrology and is worn for success in business and jobs, creative or intellectual activities, and information seeking endeavours. Emerald has numerous unique characteristics. However, coloured stone experts generally agree that emeralds are most notable for their colour. For thousands of years, the emerald has been the benchmark for green among coloured stones. As with other coloured stones, seeing the sometimes tiny variances that make significant changes in emerald value requires a well-trained eye. This is particularly true of the higher attributes.

Factors to consider when buying a high-quality emerald

A high-quality emerald should possess the following qualities:

  1. Colour - The most desirable emerald colours are blue-green to pure green, vibrant colour saturation and a not-too-dark tone. The most valuable emeralds are highly translucent. Their colour is evenly dispersed, with no noticeable colour zoning to the naked eye. If the tint is too yellowish or blueish, the stone is not an emerald but a distinct beryl species, and its value falls proportionately. Nothing in nature can match the intensity of green found in the best emeralds. The trace components that give emerald its colour are chromium, vanadium, and iron. The presence or absence of each and the relative proportions of each determine the precise colour of an emerald crystal. The look of an emerald is frequently linked to the location of its mining. Colombian emeralds are reported to be a warmer, more vivid shade of pure green. Zambian emeralds are thought to be a colder, more bluish-green in tone. Regardless of these hypotheses, the truth is that the appearance of emerald varies according to the source.
  2. Clarity - Inclusions that are visible to the naked eye are common in emeralds. As a result, trade participants and certain customers understand and tolerate the existence of inclusions in emeralds. Because they are so rare, eye-clean emeralds are very precious. Emerald inclusions are frequently described as having a mossy or garden-like appearance. They are sometimes referred to as "Jardins," which is French for "gardens." Transparency and clarity are inextricably related to colourful stones. This is particularly true for emeralds. Eye-visible inclusions in higher-quality emeralds are commonly accepted by the trade. However, when the additions have a detrimental impact on transparency and clarity, they significantly impair value. The GIA Laboratory started offering a classification service for emerald clarity treatments in early 2000. The laboratory examines a loose stone and issues an Emerald Report, which includes a digitally created colour image of the stone obtained during the examination.
  3. Cut - When making cutting options, the cutter must evaluate the depth of colour, durability, and rough inclusions. Mistakes induce weight loss, which diminishes the value of a potentially expensive gem significantly. Emerald crystals are difficult to cut due to four qualities. For starters, nearly all emeralds have substantial cracks. The second factor is due to those intrinsic fractures: emeralds are more brittle than other gems, such as corundum. As a result, they are prone to damage during cutting, polishing, and setting, as well as negligent daily wear. Because the susceptible corners are faceted and give a relatively safe area for prongs, the emerald cut can assist prevent against damage. Third, because the colour is so crucial in determining the value of an emerald, the cut should enhance the impression of hue, tone, and saturation. The cutter can change the hue of an emerald by altering its proportions and number of facets. A deep cut, a small table, and fewer facets can be used to darken a pale stone, while a shallow cut, a side table, and more facets can be used to lighten a dark stone. Fourth, the bluish-green to yellowish-green, probably the most efficient of many emerald crystals, encourages the cutter to position the table perpendicular to the length of the crystal. As a result, the cut stone’s more visible colour is the blue-green that many emerald collectors admire.
  4. Carat weight - Fashioned emeralds are available in a variety of sizes. There are emeralds weighing hundreds of carats in museums and private collections. At the other end of the spectrum are fractions of a carat emeralds.

Where to buy high-quality emeralds in the USA?

Purchasing an Emerald is far less technical than purchasing a diamond. Diamonds are prized for their radiance, whilst emeralds are prized for their colour. Because colour is crucial, you should buy your emerald from a site that provides high-quality photos of their stones. Coloured gemstones, unlike diamonds, are not rated for consistency by the GIA. Coloured gemstone lab reports only describe the gemstone's origin, carat weight, and treatment. Therefore, one must consider the factors discussed above when planning to buy high-quality emeralds in the USA. We provide you with some of the trusted places where you can buy high-quality emeralds in the USA without worrying about the genuineness of the gemstone.

  1. Look no further than James Allen if you want a nice emerald at the best price. You can inspect the Jardin or the garden where emerald inclusions grow, using their 360-degree zoom technology. Unfortunately, you won't see the gemstone in the setting, so you'll have to rely on your imagination. James Allen has thousands of emeralds in stock. They all have different attributes.
  2. At the Blue Nile, emeralds are not sold loose but rather pre-set in various jewellery sets. Their collection is appealing because it is ideal for anyone looking for high-quality emerald jewellery. Their emerald jewellery is all-natural and set in gold or platinum. If you're searching for rose gold, they only seem to have yellow or white options. If you want to invest the same amount on an emerald as you would on a 1-carat diamond engagement ring, Blue Nile is a reasonable option.
  3. Helzberg Diamonds has a good selection of emerald jewellery, including rings, earrings, and various pendant types. Overall, a good range of high-quality emerald jewellery. What has not been liked in their online shopping experience was that it was difficult to navigate. There is no doubt that Helzberg produces high-quality goods, but it's difficult to use their hover-to-zoom technology on their website, so it becomes difficult to see what you will be getting before you receive your order.

How is IrisGems one of the best places to buy high-quality emeralds in the USA?

You've probably heard Juliet's famous line, "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." This does not extend to emeralds and other gemstones, so just purchase one from a licenced gemstone dealer. There are so many fakes on the market, but as the saying goes, not all green is an emerald! At Iris Gems, we ensure that all of the gemstones we sell have been accredited by the most reputable laboratories, including GIA, Gubelin, GRS, AGL, and SSEF. We have always believed in three things: dedication, creativity, and consistency. Iris can handle massive personalised orders. We have always pleased our customers by providing them with stones that match perfectly in their jewellery on time. Our society values innovation. Since we enjoy experimenting, we have created new cuts. Our proprietary cuts have earned numerous awards and are extremely common with our customers. We thrive on our relentless desire for creativity and, as a result, have played a leading role in many innovations in this sector. What’s more? We offer single stones, matched pairs, and parcels. In addition, we can handle huge custom cutting orders. We have reliable supply and on-time delivery. Our stones are precisely calibrated, have precise facets, and are simple to set in your jewellery. We also offer 24X7 customer service support and are always available for your help. 


The beauty of an emerald is difficult to grasp before you hold one in your possession. When comparing naturally mined emeralds, you'll notice that they're all special. Their green colour may appear bright or soft pastel green depending on the concentrations of trace minerals within each crystal and the lighting conditions. However, it is not just their colour that distinguishes them. Emeralds seem to have a luminance that emerges from within as well.

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